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Let's have a 10 minute chat to see if your business can leverage Facebook & Brand Retargeting. Once you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful social media initiative, you can start to cultivate and build the type of following that will not just look forward to hearing from you, but will gladly help you spread the word. We work best with motivated business people who want to market their business more strategically and leverage technology to sell more of their products and services. Make no mistake in today fast paced world if you're not leveraging technology to generate leads and stay top of mind with your prospects and customers then you losing business every week. Call me now on +64 21 891 934 to explore how I can help you with your businesses online sales and marketing performance.

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We can all agree (at least I hope so) that social media is not only where the people are, it has become a viable source of traffic, engagement and marketing for almost any business that chooses to make use of it. This medium changes daily, and you need a certain ability to roll with that, knowing that most of the time the changes only help you. Lay out a social media strategy – Decide on a goal for your social media strategy from the outset, because it will make it a lot more achievable and real to team members as you pursue it. If you want to make more $$$ in your business then do whatever it takes to get Scott on your team.

Whether you intend to generate leads, engage with prospects or advertise, lay this out and then look at the possible social platforms that might work for you. Using Pinterest for example, which is heavily skewed to a female audience may or may not be a good fit for your small business.

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