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On the next screen, you will all the keys you need to copy and paste Social Count Plus settings on your WordPress site. After choosing a design for your Social Count buttons, you need to click on the Save Changes button to store your settings. The plugin comes with a number of shortcodes and functions which you can use in your posts, pages, or your theme’s template files to display Social Count buttons. We hope this article helped you display your social media followers count as text on your WordPress blog. I have from nowhere lost all my twitter and pinterest and some google+ social counts in my posts. WordPress Social Count Pluginis a cool social addition to your wordpress site that enables counters of your favorite social networks to appear on the screen. My Social Counter is a wordpress plugin (Widget) for your blog where you show social accountants best known social networks, you can add 1 or more networks that your blog is communicating with people, and you can see the counter of followers, subscribers.
WordPress widget plugins allow you to add static and dynamic content to your blog theme such as your sidebar, your header, and your footer. If you are looking for the best Facebook Widget plugins for WordPress, then this post might give you some ideas as to the best ones that you can choose for your blog. Supreme Widgets is a Premium WordPress plugin made to enhance your website with much needed social and marketing features! This widget allows you to display a list of latest facebook comments from your entire wordpress website on your frontpage – or anywhere else widget is used on the wordpress website.
Facebook Subscribe for WordPress brings you full control and support of Facebook’s New Subscribe Button social plugin. Recently, one of our users asked us if there was an easy way to show their social media follower count as text in WordPress without writing any code.
Upon activation, you need to go to Settings » Social Count Plus to enter your social media profiles. You can also choose the text color for the follower count text by going to the Design tab in Social Counts Plus settings. If you want to add the Social Count buttons to your blogs sidebar, then you need to go to Appearance » Widgets and drag and drop Social Count Plus widget to your sidebar.
This is very easy tutorial to install Social Count Plus plugin and then develop application on Twitter in order to display social media followers count as text. Setup is very easy – just setup the plugin and from there, you can place it where you want in your content via shortcodes or in sidebars via a widget. It supports several social networks and displays the current numbers of Facebook Page Likes, Twitter, Dribbble, Forrst and Digg Followers and YouTube and Vimeo Channel Subscriptions. This plugin comes with shortcode generator, widget supports many instances, and custom PHP function with lots of arguments for your templates.

There are so many Widget for Facebook to choose from the internet but in this collection we are only show best Facebook Widget plugins for WordPress blog which you might find one or two Widgets suitalbe for your website.
From Facebook Page like box, Simple Twitter stream and Social network with Font Awesome icon, to Contact Form with captcha, Responsive Google Ads and Google Maps. Provide your user ease to invite their friends to increase the social power of your site and get more conversions and signups. In this article, we will show you how to display social media followers count as text in WordPress. The question asked by many about arranging these buttons followed by the number count under them is a matter to solve. With this WordPress Facebook widget plugins you will have the option to display Facebook comments, like or show your latest fans. Configuring this widget is very easy and our documentation made it much more easy than it ever could be.
Others play Farmville and buy virtual pets on some of these sites, but hey, every man to his own tastes.Point is, social networking sites can give you a huge boost in web traffic. All the plugins covered in the following section cost between $0 and $20, so you get to make huge savings this holiday season.MONARCH SOCIAL SHARINGMonarch is the premium social sharing WordPress plugin by Elegant Themes. Included with their developer and lifetime licenses, Monarch is the perfect solution for all of your social sharing needs.
To display your social media profiles, you can use rotating feed lists or a filterable jQuery social networking wall. This is the plugin to use if you are looking to make your social network streams more interactive.
Don’t be fooled by its title though, this plugin supports a number of social networking sites including Facebook (obviously), Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Furthermore, it lets you display the number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Youtube subscribers and so on.
It supports up to twenty-seven of the best social media sites as well as email sharing.Once you install and activate the plugin, you can set your social media icons to pop (up, down, left or right) every time you mouse over them.
You can add social media sharing options to your posts, pages or wherever you like using the Manual Insert Settings Option, a process that is as easy as ABC. Additionally, you can add social sharing icons to your template files using shortcodes or PHP function calls, meaning you can place this plugin wherever you desire.
Other than that, you can use Share+ on dynamic and static web pages without problems since it is client-sided (does not require a server to run).The plugin comes with a visually appealing (or rather beautiful) admin panel and five thrilling themes that will change the social sharing experience for your users. Finally, the plugin supports several social networking sites and gives you the power to track social sharing activity using Google Analytics. While Woof is a multi-faceted social integration plugin that might seem daunting, you can install it and be on your way to better social exposure with a single click!

Too bad you can only use this plugin with Facebook because it would be great to embed your entire website on a few more social networks. It allows you to add social links to your WordPress website easily and style them however you like using CSS3.
Haha.That aside, Social Sidebar is compatible with all modern browsers since it is built around HTML5. Maybe it is the ease of use or the simple process of configuration or even the mere fact that you can set up your social media icons to float, but this social media plugin is among the best in the market. Its main features include over twenty icon styles, resizable icons, multiple widgets, shortcode support, auto or manual integration and less load, which is good for your page load speed.The icons are quite fancy, and they fly from top left to bottom right and stick there for as long as the user stays on your page.
Social Media Widget enables you to display your social media profiles as icons on the sidebar. On top of that, you can format the update message to create varying versions for your different social networking platforms.
The Social Media Feather plugin gives you the power to easily and quickly add social following and sharing buttons to posts, custom post types and pages. In addition, social media feather supports Retina displays, which means it works with all modern devices.
You can choose different themes to display your social media icons and take advantage of the available customization options to add your widget to various parts of your website e.g.
TFG Social Share is easy to configure and you can use shortcode [tfg_social_share] to display the social sharing icons anywhere on your site.
It’s a great sharing plugin, but you might need a second social media plugin that allows users to access the other social networks that TFG Social Share does not support.
This can be done by either a media query or by adding a mobile class to your body tag (better – see the body_class filter for this). My favorite social media plugin is SocialPop a social media plugin for WordPress because it has a variety of beautiful display options and this plugin takes the social sharing game to the next level.
The WordPress slider would look awesome on my site Mitali Chowdhury says: reply to this message Great collection of social sharing options. In general though having the social on the page instead of popping-up can actually convert a lot better so I wouldn’t recommend the popup. Again, thank you for passing by Author Wisanggeni Odon Saputra says: reply to this message This is thorough review on social plugins.

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