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In this article I’ll show you five different ways to use LinkedIn to market your business. You’ll want to develop a comprehensive and consistent LinkedIn marketing plan for your business to achieve long-term, sustainable success. In order to have success with LinkedIn, you’ll need to make a long-term commitment to your plan.
Here are 5 LinkedIn marketing ideas your business can integrate into your comprehensive marketing program. To create a business presence on LinkedIn and gain access to additional features that enhance your visibility, you must build a LinkedIn company page. Think of your LinkedIn company page as an extension of your business website within LinkedIn and use it to display compelling graphics, add products and services, even include job opportunities. Invite existing employees, clients or customers, vendors and partners to follow your page, and showcase it to relevant LinkedIn members and encourage them to follow by using LinkedIn’s paid targeted advertising. HubSpot, a marketing software company for medium-sized businesses, has amassed a company page following of over 40,000 people on LinkedIn as well as 272 product recommendations from members. As you launch and grow your visibility, LinkedIn company page stats provide you with valuable insights about your followers, engagement, clicks and more! It doesn’t matter if you have a small business or you represent a large corporate brand, a LinkedIn company page is a critical digital asset for your business and serves as the anchor of your LinkedIn foundation.
LinkedIn groups are still going strong and are another component of a comprehensive strategy that helps position your company as an industry thought leader.
Social Media Examiner created a dynamic community on LinkedIn with the Social Media Marketing Networking Club.
When you launch your LinkedIn group, be sure to get the word out organically to employees, clients and customers, vendors, partners and influencers in your industry. Self-service ads are also available from LinkedIn as a paid strategy for increasing visibility of your group and growing your membership numbers. To position yourself as an industry thought leader to your members, foster a healthy community within your LinkedIn group through engaging discussions and add value by offering up compelling content your company creates. A company that has done a fantastic job with their LinkedIn group (launched in partnership with LinkedIn) is Citi. Watch this video to learn more about Citi’s experience with LinkedIn groups and how the community is thriving. Examples of other corporate LinkedIn groups include: Intuit (small business group), Staples (small business network) and Capital One (business traveler network). To help you keep track of member demographics, growth and activity, stats are available for all public LinkedIn groups. Although you’ll need to designate specific company employees or partners to help implement and maintain your comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy, getting all employees involved and on the same page is critical to success. Your company’s position on LinkedIn starts at the top and when the business owner(s) or executives buy into the strategy, it sets the example for the entire company.
The success of your LinkedIn page also depends on how well your employees use LinkedIn's features.
When everyone from your company is involved on LinkedIn, it creates an extended network that amplifies your company’s presence and industry thought leadership. Get your employees and stakeholders excited about LinkedIn and make the experience meaningful for them by attaching it to their professional goals.
Provide them with training on how to build a robust LinkedIn profile, how to represent your firm on the network and how to utilize LinkedIn to achieve their business goals. While LinkedIn social ads grow company page followers and group membership, there are additional ads run on LinkedIn that drive clicks to your website, or preferably to a specified landing page.
LinkedIn does partner with larger brands on sponsored programs, but for most businesses, these programs are beyond the typical marketing budget.

As you develop and run ad campaigns or sponsored updates on LinkedIn, make sure you test to see which ads are most efficient and effective for your business.
You’ve probably noticed numerous banner ads on LinkedIn that are designed to have members click through to company websites. Learn more about how to take advantage of LinkedIn sponsored updates for your own company page. Before you begin to build out your comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy, decide what your business goals are.
While LinkedIn provides insights and statistics for company pages, groups and paid advertising, tracking your efforts through your own website analytics program is essential.
LinkedIn is a very powerful platform for growing the reach of your business and attracting new clients or customers.
The time to launch your LinkedIn company marketing strategy is now, and a comprehensive approach helps you maximize the business benefits. Stephanie Sammons is a corporate renegade turned digital entrepreneur and author of the #1 Amazon #1 best seller, Linked to Influence. I think that LinkedIn can be used for businesses because they are able to post status updates about the company on-goings to keep employees and maybe other people as well. LinkedIn has a policy that makes it impossible for a very small business (like mine, I’m a pet portrait artist) to create a business page. These are really great tips and I’ve found myself reading and commenting on LinkedIn articles more often now.
I want to promote our ads through Linkedin, any one can tell me what is minimum budget of Linkedin Profile. One of my hottest LinkedIn tips for marketers would be to make use of LinkedIn sponsored updates.
Sponsored updates provide a better way to put your content in front of key influencers and decision makers on LinkedIn, which will ultimately help you build your credibility as an expert in your niche and increase your exposure to people who are not in your network. Target your sponsored update by location, company name, company category, job title, job category, schools attended and LinkedIn groups. You’ll be able to determine just how effective these paid updates are with the help of the detailed analytics provided by LinkedIn. Many marketers either spam such groups with links to overtly promotional blog posts or shy away from them all together for fear of the dreaded SWAM, LinkedIn’s Site-Wide Automatic Moderation policy. LinkedIn marketing offers business professionals a terrific opportunity to build new connections and contacts while expanding their professional business network through search, group discussions, direct email (InMail), premium paid features, targeted advertising and much more.
When I look at the comments I’ve received on my LinkedIn postings in the last month, I see that most come from members of groups such as Ivy League Alumni, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Link Up Wisconsin, and Linking You in Madison, WI.
LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to develop relationships that turn into so much more: friendship, partnership, collaboration and even new business.
Instead of bringing a bullhorn to the virtual cocktail party that is LinkedIn and talking all about yourself, instead mimic the approach of Fix-It Felix from the hit Disney animated movie Wreck-it Ralph.
In fact, extend the same approach throughout your entire LinkedIn profile—even with your job titles!
I think it may pay to have someone else create your LinkedIn profile, especially if you’re a writer. You are actually only able to have one LinkedIn profile based on LinkedIn’s terms and conditions. Actually LinkedIn allows you to have profiles in two languages, as long as they have the same content!
LinkedIn ads seems another great area to explorer, as is the only platform everyone updated with positions and title and you can specifically target them. I see more and more social marketers talking about LinkedIn but I just can’t get into the site.

I think LinkedIn has become a lot less drab and dull – at rapid speed, no less, requiring new editions to my e-book every few months! Great overview and as a LinkedIn Profile writer, I agree that writing your own profile is a challenge – this is a perfect checklist! The success of your comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy is measured by whether you achieve your goals. The traffic referred to your site from LinkedIn, new leads generated and new clients or customers are the ultimate measure of the impact to your bottom line. I’m a member of the Social Media Marketing Networking Club group and it is indeed a fantastic community! Linkedin is definitely one of the best social media platforms that a company must utilize to promote its business. I work in B2B marketing and haven’t found as many good references for LinkedIn as I have for Facebook and Twitter, but you just gave me a great one right here. Or If I also post the same article on my LinkedIn profile, it could be that some of the followers of the Company are also my contacts. SE never ceases to amaze me, you could pretty much save yourself $50,000 of college debt by studying the resources on this site instead of doing a degree, if you want to be a social media executive!
While everyone else is blasting out one-size-fits-all content to LinkedIn, you can stand out as a more valued connection with the members of your network. You can then find ways to help, acknowledge, congratulate, promote and even connect your connections on an individual level within your LinkedIn network. In terms of LinkedIn discussion groups, you are far more likely to get positive feedback, not to mention generate leads, from a post that includes a question in it.
My most successful and consistent results have come from building a personal profile that has been optimized with related keywords, action-oriented engaging copy (not a sales pitch) and rich media content from videos, presentations, documents and more. She spent 25 years abroad in international business development and then built her own international business using social business networking.
I definitely think it’s worth while to invest either the time or the money to craft a strong LinkedIn profile today. As an intermediate step you can also look at some sample profiles on line and read books on writing great LinkedIn profiles. I will be posting an article on my blog next week about the LinkedIn publishing platform though! As a LinkedIn Profile Writer for a service here in DC we many times have experienced the need for a fresh eye when optimizing profiles. Job seekers join LinkedIn to connect with professionals and I think businesses should take this to their advantage by building up their company so that they can get the best qualified people to work for their company. That means even your most educational posts might get lost in the sea of marketing materials now populating group discussions on LinkedIn.
I like to see each person’s personality and message come out on LinkedIn in a unique way… so make sure you choose a writer who will draw out what makes you *stand out*! There are already a couple of million groups on LinkedIn so the chances of building a vibrant community are quite limited. All that said, I have made some terrific connections and friends in one of my social media groups and engaged in meaningful conversations in a number of groups.

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