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Attendees will have the opportunity to tour social call centers, review case studies, participate in a number of discussions and activities, and listen to speakers from innovative brands across many industry segments. A recent survey reported that there has been a 128% increase in social media marketers turning to outsourcing to effectively manage their social campaigns.
September 4, 2013 – As a leading provider of social media customer care, Social Herd will be facilitating a ‘Shark Tank’ Breakout Activity during Customer Response Summit, which takes place September 9 to 11 at the MGM Grand in Detroit, Michigan. Time – Social media usage grows, new platforms emerge and there is still only 24 hours in each day. Talent – Social monitoring large volumes of unstructured social media data for brand reputation, strategy insights, competitive intelligence, data to drive content strategies and all the other quality reasons to monitor requires a certain type of professional.

Best Practices – A social media partner will work with a number of clients and, therefore, develop foresight into what works and what doesn’t work. Matt Wheatley, Director of Sales and Business Development at Social Herd will be sharing use case examples to demonstrate how various industries are currently managing their social media engagement. That person is not likely to be the same person who excels at customer engagement or content creation. Outsourcing portions of your social media strategy is not only smart but also cost effective. It takes professionals with a diverse skill sets to execute a successful strategy, outsourcing functions can fill in the gaps.

The outsourcing company handles all the details for you. Quality over quantity What you say on social media is as important as how often you say it.

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