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If you’re still reluctant to use social media during your job search, you’re missing the boat — and plenty of job opportunities — as other job seekers land the position of their dreams.According to this 2014 Mobile and Social Medical Sales Job Search survey, 42 percent of medical sales professionals said social media led them directly to a job opportunity. Ralph EsperasPhoenix Social Media ExaminerRalphiee is a recent graduate from The University of Arizona and received his degree in public health with an emphasis in community health education. See why Facebook blocked this website from being used on it's social platformsFacebook has stopped allowing its users to mention the name of another social network on its apps and website. The first place you need to start when it comes to using social media to find the ideal job candidate is your own website. Next on the list is to promote your new opening on your social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Another way to take your job listing a step further on social media is creating a custom tab on your Facebook page for your job openings. By adding a little personality to your careers page and having a video to share on your other social media profiles, you will help potential job candidates see why they would want to apply for your current job openings. Through social networking, job seekers can make valuable connections that can lead to interviews and even job opportunities. While he does love health and teaching others about benefits of maintaining good health, he is also a huge tech and social media enthusiast. Post your job listing on a career opportunities page on your website or create a blog post about it.

You can add these listings to your LinkedIn company page to help more LinkedIn job seekers find your opportunities.
Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing, including social networking strategies and blogging tips. This will allow you to know who you should be networking with, when new opportunities are available, when there are changes in the industry and further building relationships. There are also a great many Twitter accounts that are dedicated to posting and sharing job opportunities. Follow niche sites on social media for opportunities.Niche sites are a great tool for finding job postings exclusively in your industry. The following are some ways to incorporate social media into your search for qualified employees. Whether you’re in healthcare or IT, there are niche job boards and blogs available to help you discover opportunities.There are thousands of niche job boards on Twitter for practically every type of industry. Use Twitter to position yourself as an expert.Twitter is an excellent social network for job seekers because it connects you with professionals and companies in your industry.
According to Jobvite, Twitter is the most popular social media platform to ask for career help and advice.Not only is Twitter a great tool for obtaining career advice, but you can also use it to position yourself as an expert in your field. Become an active participant in online communities.Another great way to build your connections and discover job opportunities is through online communities.

In the survey mentioned earlier, 46 percent of respondents said they use social networks to communicate with recruiters.Once you find a community that fits your career needs, be sure to actively participate. Create lists of target companies.When you explore social networks, keep your eyes peeled for companies you’d like to work for and follow them online. According to the survey, 56 percent of medical sales professionals use social networks to research employers.When you follow a company on LinkedIn or “like” them on Facebook, this allows you to keep track of what the company is doing. As you continue to follow employers on social media, consider creating Twitter lists or using the interest list feature on Facebook. You should also maintain profiles on niche platforms within your industry.Use the exact name on your social networks as you would on job applications.
For example, you don’t want to leave your last name off of your Twitter profile because employers wouldn’t be able to find you.As job search tools continue to evolve, social media will always serve as a powerful tool for job seekers.

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