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I believe that Email Marketing provides massive untapped potential to reach out to prospect customers in a more private and intimate way than most social networks. Email is the ‘tried-and-tested’ technique of online marketing and it will be difficult for any social network (be it Facebook or twitter) to completely eliminate Email Marketing.
Many detractors of Email Marketing claim that email is not built for socializing and I whole-heartedly agree with them.
Contrary to Email, Social Media offers many innovative marketing techniques – online video promotions (YouTube), audio podcasts, Fan Pages (Facebook), tweets and pins (Twitter and Pinterest). Similarly, another report from StrongMail suggests that Email Marketing still ranks as the primary choice of most online marketers. As many as 69% Marketing Programs indicated a strong preference for Email Marketing as compared to 59% who opted for Social Media. Many referral campaigns and incentive-based promotions have benefited from the combo of Email + Social Media Marketing.
That's a good observation and I agree 100% after my own testing and 10 years in the marketing industry.

For it me email marketing is about pushing your sales message out, whilst social media is about pulling the message in and getting others to share it with you. Further, Email Marketing promises more page views per click when compared with any social networking platform.
The socialization of Email Marketing is a reality and the sooner this reality is accepted by online marketers, the better it is for their business.
Email marketing will never die out, social media will never take over email marketing, using both of them together is knock out, inviting people on your email list to join you on social media sites prove to work good, you get to build a better relationship with people on your list. In fact, the rise of social media has been largely built on the email experience by adding more features and throwing in more interactivity. These are two distinct ways of online marketing which can be combined together to achieve maximum benefits. Marketers must realize what works best in a specific scenario and then take an educated decision on the appropriate online marketing channel. A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.

And people on your social media networks become your subscribers too over time, if your giving value and engaging it will work. More and more email marketers are joining the social media bandwagon to cope with digital marketing revolution.
I certainly do not believe that social networks signal the death of email as a marketing channel.
I believe that to be a successful online marketer, you need to use the best of both worlds – email marketing as well as social media. Neither am I a strong opponent of continuing to live in the email age despite a plethora of social media networks cropping up on the internet every alternate day.

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