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As learning becomes more and more social, social media sites (or sites that allow for connections) will become the classrooms of the future. Social media brings the world to the classroom and enables students to communicate across the world. Social Media is an affordable-personal-printing-press with built in global distribution capabilities. I think that the role of social media in education as it seems to playing out at this point seems to be two fold.
Social media in education is simply a new tool for timeless goals: to connect, share, and create with our school community. The blog topics are never stale and include many different perspectives on social media with recent topics including a school’s internal audiences, community managers, and making time to blog.

Social media breaks down time, distance and accessibility barriers and brings many opportunities for learning to happen anywhere, anytime. On the curricular side of things, I see the role of social media and collaborative tools that allow students and teachers to connect and share ideas as being an extension of class discussions by extending the possibility of sharing beyond the classroom walls.
Whether in the classroom or for marketing a school or for connecting with fellow educators, social media forges new ties and exchanges content in meaningful ways that would have not been possible a few years ago.
One thing I think social media does for education is bring real-time case studies to students. Using Social media students can get many benefits they can also using social media for searching jobs and finding accommodation if leaving outside.
For institutions, however, the impact social media is having and the potential it will have on changing the a) marketing of our schools, b) the professional development of educators, and c) the teaching and learning happening in our schools is profound.

Social media will help break down the walls of our current system and expand the opportunity for learning. By introducing students to social media early, they are able to grow their professional networks while in college, making the job search process post school less stressful.

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