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Tucked away as part of the new Open Social initiative launched last week, Google engineers offered an interesting best practices document of social design dos and don’ts. Astronauts can now use social networking tools from outer space Nasa has implemented a new project that allows its astronauts to access and update their social networking profiles from space.
Twitter , that form of social media in which we let others know our deepest thoughts in 140 characters or less, regularly takes a beating in the popular press.
PicMonkey is a fantastic tool for editing or designing brand new images for your social media posts. Cover photos are arguably the most important images that you’ll use on social networks. This is a site that allows you to upload a photo in order to resize it to perfectly fit profile image dimensions for various social sites.
Jing is a free tool that lets you capture both screenshots and screen videos, which you can then easily share with a custom shortened URL via Screencast.
Similar to Jing and Awesome Screenshot, Skitch also boasts great features for editing your photos on mobile — a big plus for social media managers and content creators on-the-go.
These types of tools are fantastic because they allow you to take all of the images that you already have, and crop them to meet the exact specifications of each social network.
The folks at Internet Marketing Ninjas put together a tool for optimizing your images for social.
MemeCenter includes a ton of different editing tools, which can make it a bit more complex to quickly create an original meme.

Adding an image to your social media posts can help to not only tell a great brand story, but to also increase the engagement you receive from your fans. Michael PattersonMichael enjoys writing about all things social media, and his insights can be found on Adweek's SocialTimes, Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner. Great post with some very useful tools (that I plan to take advantage of!), but also awesome introduction! Most of the photo collage maker are too slow when there are lots of photos to upload and adjust.
Don't forget about Bannersnack - an all-in-one banner maker and advertising app where you can create images for social media, banners for online advertising and even make campaigns through them!
The US space agency is using technology from enterprise software provider Citrix to create a home-like desktop experience, allowing astronauts to keep in touch with friends, colleagues and family via online social networks. These sites will take a quote that you have and turn it into a beautiful image that you can go on to share on social. Most computers and laptops have their own screenshot tools, but we listed some here that have some more comprehensive editing features.
Jing also has tools to edit the image that you’ve captured with text, shapes, and colors.
Its editing tools also help you to create helpful annotations and comments on top of an image. If you need those specifications, check out this guide to social media image sizes that we’ve put together.

See how Sprout Social can increase your efficiency and help you engage with your audience with a free 30-day trial. It’s a bit more difficult to immediately share to your social sites, so you may need to download the image and share it individually. There are a bunch of different tools like adding notes, photos, and music to your Pinterest boards. These simple tools will help you make sure you always have a unique image to share with your audience. The ease of creating and sharing content make these a great tool for marketers posting frequently. Like the clothes you wear to a job interview or a business meeting, a sharp looking social profile or website is the first step toward being taken seriously online. Whether you're a professional designer or an armchair artiste, tools abound that you can use to snazz up your web presence, and give it that polish that professionals, potential customers, and online friends have come to expect from a social media maven. We've talked to the experts about what they use for inspiration, collaboration, and getting down to the business of design in a social media world.

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