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Eric says, “We decided to see if we could make it applicable to the SME, small and medium sized enterprise, market. As yet, this service is not live but the Data Mining and Social Networks Analysis Group are still able to bring their knowledge and expertise to the marketplace. These are all discrete sources of data that the law enforcement agencies but the only problem is that they are all separately housed in their own departments such as the departments of justice, the departments of transport, the ports authorities and so on.
Bruno pointed to a graph he has created of the social network encoded in Twitter's friends relationship. This is a nice start, but I suspect this graph is based on a very small sample of the Twitter social network.

It describes the attempt to find hidden patterns within the data and determine what they might mean. They are expensive in terms of software and hardware and expensive in terms of the people who need to operate these systems. In an arrangement called an Innovation Partnership setup in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland they are working with a Dublin based company called Datafusion International. They are able to access data from such things as the land registry to determine the owner of a property or the vehicle registry to determine ownership of a car, van or some other vehicle. Eric Robson leads the Data Mining and Social Networks Analysis Group at the TSSG which is based at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland.

The Data Mining Group at the TSSG have an interest in making this technology more useful to the general business community. They write software for law enforcement agencies such as The Gardai - the Irish police service and Homeland Security in the US.

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