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This two day course is designed to help you develop a social media and online marketing strategy for your business. We will investigate case studies from successful online marketing promotions across the various platforms, and use these in the development of your own social media marketing strategies.
We will also show you how to access the wealth of data online, which allows you to accurately measure the results of your campaigns, and influence future campaign strategies. We will present and discuss a range of case studies from successful online campaigns, covering a wide range of companies and campaigns across the many platforms available.
We will investigate the range of 3rd party tools available to help you be more efficient in your social media and online marketing.
Delegates will work in small teams, with each given a brief to develop a social media strategy. The key to success in social media marketing is developing great content – video, images, competitions, articles etc.

Our e-learning courses teach the basics of writing for social media, blogs, micro-blogs and e-newsletters for business.
These social media marketing courses are great for business owners, exporters, communications professionals, marketers, journalists, government staff and anyone who wants to use social media marketing with confidence.
In 5 hours, discover what you can achieve with a blog, a Twitter account, an email newsletter and some key online writing skills. You can access the social media writing courses for 90 days from the time you first log in. We will investigate various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogging etc.) to find out which mix is the best for your needs, and learn best practices. Learn how to use social media to build your reputation and loyalty with online customers and audiences. You will learn how to monitor what people are saying about your business (your organisation and brands) online and look at ways of combatting negative comments.

Online is fast paced and this needs to be reflected in your marketing, communications and PR Strategies in order to keep up with the competition. By the end of this session you will have the knowledge and tools required to develop a bespoke social media marketing strategy for your business. We will also present you with an ‘8 Steps to an Effective Online Marketing Strategy’ framework.

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