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Social sharing and viral content means an angry mob has never been easier to assemble, and brands behaving badly can now find their reputation in tatters in a matter of hours. While Sainsbury’s and Cathay Pacific are generating positive coverage for themselves through social channels, other companies are adopting decidedly reactive methods.
Large companies with the capacity to do so are now employing so-called social risk management staff.
Due in no small part to companies such as IBM wishing to monitor, participate in and, to a certain extent guide, the conversation surrounding their brand, a slew of social media monitoring tools have sprung up. It seems a certainty that customer service on social media is becoming more and more important, and woe betide the brands who fail to react. Despite this excitement, there remains much controversy about the proper way to sell within the social landscape.
Initial excitement is often followed by frustrated divestment, leading to false conclusions about the potential for marketing in the social sphere. Instead of seeing social media users as a faceless mass for you to hawk your wares, they instead become potential fans of your brand, people you can give to, and learn from. By shifting your point of view, it’s easy to see social media as a place rife with opportunity once again. We rely on social media as a primary point of interaction, and count on social users to help spread our message and the content we create. Despite no shortage of proponents in each camp, we think the conclusion is simple: it’s pointless to compare email marketing with social media marketing. The problem with comparing email marketing and social media marketing is apparent: one (social media marketing) is a brand strategy while the other (email) is a direct-response strategy.
69% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social network. SMC Dylan ThaemertResearch & Social Engagement ManagerDylan is an Omaha native who’s spent time living in Chicago and Rome.

SMC Colton Clark Social Engagement ManagerColton is fascinated by consumer psychology and interested in combining his B2B knowledge and his rural ag upbringing to help his clients reach their social media goals. SMCAlex GoodierSocial Engagement ManagerAlex’s dependency on social media is rivaled only by her insatiable need for coffee, nachos, and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. SMCNate JensenInternNate, a student at University of Nebraska at Omaha, is pursuing a major in marketing.
Most people don’t have time or they feel unsure about what content is the most effective for their social media pages. Where previously brands controlled the means of broadcast (through PR, advertising and news coverage), consumers now have a megaphone of their own in the form of social media.
These are essentially teams of customer service Ubermensch, ready to leap into the social fray if a particularly bad comment is made to start a dialogue with the offended party.
Services such as Brandwatch or Mention allows brands to track conversations about themselves and respond where appropriate (this would be where Sandy’s social risk management team come into play, I imagine), and even to use sentiment analysis to gauge the mood among customers. A recent study by American Express found that customers who receive good service on social networks are significantly more likely to buy from that brand again compared to customers who telephone or email their complaints.
After all, it’s easy to argue about the potential of social media as a powerful sales channel. Even the gatekeepers themselves (the major social networks), struggle to properly monetize their communities.
It offers some valuable insight marketers can use to understand how, when and where to use and integrate email marketing and social media marketing to improve their lead-gen and digital engagement efforts. But that misses the larger point addressed above: social media isn’t about generating a direct response or a purchase. Look for ways to integrate best practices from each into your next email or social media marketing campaign.
Include social components in every email marketing campaign to ensure that first-, second- and third-tier readers can share your content and advocate for your brand.

He is driven by a desire to constantly learn more about the evolving trends and philosophies of the ‘how’ and ‘why,’ and the true ROI of social media. False conclusions about the value of social media are not telling of social media’s true potential, but illustrate instead how ineffective it can be to apply traditional marketing initiatives within non-traditional environments. In order to be successful within social media, a paradigm shift is required— a deliberate change in mindset to understand one very simple fact: People buy from those they know and trust. Over time, social media marketing can only be successful if audiences can be created and sustained that exist outside of the social networks. More importantly, we believe that email and social media should be used in tandem, not against each other, for effective digital media and marketing campaigns. We like to think this gives us some credibility when we refer to ourselves as social media scientists. A serial entrepreneur, Kris first became interested in social media when he began hiring help for social media to fill the growing needs of some of his other companies.
Great content has the power to bring social audiences to your website—but this traffic becomes meaningless if user engagement ends here. Brands can turn social media marketing into leads if they include a way for consumers to opt-in to their email marketing campaigns within specific social media messages. She has experience writing for the Star Tribune, USAToday, Omaha World-Herald, and other national + local publications. From a tactical perspective, the digital age demands that email marketing and social media marketing are interconnected and integrated.

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