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At Alpha Global, we understand that fast and efficient content management is central to the long-term success and viability of your business. We believe that the single most important activity, when planning a bespoke CMS is to identify your companys goals and requirements, before building a content management system.
Alpha Global CMS developers can build and design additional features into the systems important to your business set-up. There are many reasons to include access to your social media accounts on your mobile website.
Most mobile websites created on the mobiFriendly content management system have included social media either by manually adding icons under the Header, or adding them to the menu navigation as External Links.

Now getting Social Media icons to appear on a mobile website and link to your client’s account is a one step process. Future updates to be added to the Social Media section include more social media accounts, and more icons per account.
A Content Management System (CMS) is free, open source software that enables management of content of a website without any technical knowledge or specialist skills or expertise. Since, content is king, good and informative content get good exposure in social media sites as people share, like and tweet about it. Our content on the rest of the mobile site is centered, so we’ll center our Social Media Icons as well.

Now our social media icons appear on our mobile site and will direct end-users to the mobile version of our Social Media Accounts. Since, creating valuable content is one of the best marketing strategies to be adopted, which in turn require being supported by a solid technical infrastructure i.e. Content Management services offered by us help businesses reform how people put in their effort to get value from content in different forms and formats.

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