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When a small business is looking for help with social media marketing, they often will search for talent in their local community. When you consider Google’s local search technology (maps, mobile, earth) and combine it with local social media strategies and tools, experts can show you how to win the social media game for your business within your region (and beyond). She has a very personalized approach, and takes social media very serious – even though she may seem casual about it. The popular and knowledgeable Lorrie and her team of social media experts standing by to assist.
He focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress SEO, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

All you need to start a new social media campaign may be a virtual assistant (assuming you know what you want, and have a plan and strategy in place).
A couple times a week I work out of my client's home office, bouncing ideas off him for social media and event posts, blogs, booking etc.
What It's Really Like: Media Advertising in New York City Emily is an Account Manager at a Media Advertising company in New York City - home to the leading advertising firms across the globe. What It's Really Like: Real Estate Consulting in Los Angeles Mike is a Consulting Analyst at a major Commercial Real Estate company in Los Angeles, California. So you're located in Los Angeles and want to hire an SEO consultant -- welcome to the club!

Rose's job entails writing all the band's blogs, creating and managing the social networking accounts, and editing the website. I write all the blogs, create and manage the social networking accounts, and edit the website. Los Angeles has a well-deserved reputation for being expensive, but that should not deter someone who really wants to experience this city.

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