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Katie sits on the Advisory Board for Web Wise Kids, a non-profit focused on keeping kids safe on the internet and social media.
Cassandra brings both corporate and agency experience in marketing and social media management to her work at KWSM. Before joining the KWSM Team in 2014, Blake worked as a freelance social media manager for several Orange County businesses. Before joining the KWSM Team, Sam worked in management and marketing in a small business environment, and she understands the importance of a strong online presence for companies trying to attract and build relationships with new customers. Skilled at producing and executing innovative PR plans that generate results, Janae has worked with many established beauty brands, but is equally excited about helping to launch new brands and set them up for success.
But ALL OF THEM can be or become Social Agents (Chapter 6 of the book) and THAT has incredible short- and long-term value for me and my company.
Or if you live in Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, Austin or New Orleans -- attend one of the private happy hour parties to celebrate the book's launch.
You'll learn the principles of Social Selling so you can use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to prospect and nurture leads without looking spammy. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally be able to tell everyone this incredible news -- my first book, The Invisible Sale is finally available on Amazon and B&N for pre-order.
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There is too much crap in the world and we have social media theory to blame for a lot of it. Consumers have been and continue to consume episodic content in all channels including TV, radio, print, newspaper, and my personal favorite episodic example (because it's not published on any kind of regular schedule) books! As I sat in front of my computer seven years to the day from when Hurricane Katrina plowed through the Gulf Coast and watched the coverage coming out of New Orleans, I was struck by how much things have changed in just seven years.

Fast forward seven years to hurricane Isaac -- what I've effectionately begun calling the social media hurricane. Last week social media was leveraged by my friends to stay in touch and share updates; by the media as they called on citizen journalists to help them get real-time, accurate information on the air and by smart brands that leveraged the opportunity to fuel nascent brand journalism efforts. All of our local New Orleans stations were calling on New Orleanians that stayed behind to ride out the hurricane to take and post pictures, videos and updates about their part of New Orleans. Interestingly enough, this flood (pun intended) of information was being powered by brands as well as friends and media outlets.
Today's news producer is used to managing a dozen or so reporters during a natural disaster.
After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Boston University with a BS in broadcast journalism and a BA in international relations, she began her career as an investigative journalist, and then spent a decade as a television and radio news anchor.
In addition, he spent 5 years as a small business consultant, working with clients in the real estate, food & beverage, retail, and finance industries. He loves showing our clients how they can level the playing field with an engaging social media presence.
He loves keeping up with the ever-changing technical capabilities of social media, and is experienced in lead generation and conversion. He is passionate about helping business owners step outside their comfort zones and explore new marketing tools.
The goal is to create Propinquity with prospects and customers via social sharing, content marketing, and ultimately, face-to-face interactions during the event. My goal was to make sure you learned at least one new idea, tip, trick or marketing hack in each chapter.
They’re doing recon work on your brand, product or company -- searching for product reviews and tapping into social networks for recommendations and first-hand experiences.
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These Twitpics, YouTube and Facebook videos were making their way on to the TV screens and proving to be great sources of real-time information and insight into what's was going on in New Orleans. Individual reporters were taking to the social media airwaves to report, interact and in some cases cajole locals. In fact I just finished a wonderful account by Gina Masullo Chen over at the Nieman Journalism Lab site, where she (a very recently transplanted southerner in Mississippi) talks about how she used a combination of professional and citizen journalism to keep up with the storm and find out the status of her new home. Katie is also a certified first responder with the American Humane Association (She was one of the first rescuers allowed into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina) and has volunteered in dozens of animal shelters across the country. He brings business savvy to the world of social media, and is looking forward to helping your business build social media channels that further your goals. I'm realizing now that Tom has officially labeled this new type of marketing as the invisible sale. Scott and a few of his fellow reporters really showed a wonderful grasp of the brave new digital world of media reporting, especially during major events like a hurricane. Further, the producer and the news anchors can realistically process all the information in totality to provide context to their reporting -- which is the real value of professional journalists in my opinion.
By Newsjacking the storm, they proved themselves a helpful brand and surely picked up additional brand awareness without having to spend a dime on additional advertising. She has hosted her own talk show, had columns published in major newspapers and blogs, and is a popular public speaker. It's a field guide for anyone that wants to understand the brave new digitally powered world of the self-educating buyer.

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