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Businesses know that social media provides free, interactive communication between the company and its public, but with that comes the possibility of risk. According to Social News Daily, “when it comes to social media customer service, more than 70% of queries went ignored. Besides friends, social networks help bind distinct people and varied cultures with a common interest.
Weighing the pros and cons, it’s debatable to decide if social networks are amicable or not. As social media continue to mature, marketers and business executives who have stayed on the sidelines in hopes of safer options are feeling pressured to jump into the pool. Then, dip your toe in the social media waters by selecting one major platform as a starting point. To ensure your social media initiative succeeds, here are five must-haves, regardless of selection.
As you prepare to take your first swim in the social media pool, bear in mind that to make your initiative successful, you must have goals, strategies and metrics that are in line with your overall business objectives as well as resources to accomplish them. Blog that specializes in strategic and tactical marketing know-how for marketing and business professionals through online media.
Great collection of in-depth articles and videos on social media best practices, case studies, and advice from leading experts in the field. Practical, how-to advice and case studies about how to use social media and word of mouth marketing from GasPedal.

Create Relationships: Social media is a simple way to build up your brand’s identity, and by doing so, it creates a sense of trust with consumers.
Free Business Promotion and Low Cost Advertising: Social media platforms provide excellent forums for companies to openly discuss their business, demonstrating their industry expertise. Build Credibility: Consistent, engaging material posted on your social media accounts leads to a feeling of trust and credibility for your audience, which, in return, can lead to more business. Easy Communication: Social media provides you with quick access to free communication with both your current and potential customers. Moreover, social networks which bring the world closer could be educative and inspiring too. Moreover, getting the social board in a single page view seems cool but it could keep you glued to your desk for hours.
To help you decide which network, here are the pros and cons of the top five social media options. Like any other business initiative, you must let prospects, customers and the public know about your social media presence.
People new to social media marketing don't always understand how it differs from other types of marketing campaigns. These are very valid points and are exactly what we tell brands and agencies alike about Social Media. By constantly monitoring your social media, you have the ability to handle undesirable situations in a timely manner to avoid any further trouble.

Use social media as a direct form of customer service to keep your fans happy and address any issues as soon as possible.
However, when it comes to the business itself handling social media accounts, it can be hard to stay on the right track. To accomplish this, use an editorial calendar to ensure you have a constant flow of content. Executives need to understand that social media involvement is not a once in awhile activity. Most just jump into SocialMedia hoping to get immediate results and abandon it when they fail to see these results. Many live with the misperception that most social media channels are more for personal use than professional benefit.
As you are constantly connected to your respective groups, it helps in more reunions and casual meets which otherwise seems a difficult task. Like most public swimming pools, you should post your social media guidelines before anyone goes swimming. If the commitment to staying active in social media can't be made, I would suggest not even launching until a more opportune time.

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