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Specialized medical practices, cutting edge technologies and procedures may all be brought to the public’s attention through the proper use of social media. 3) Facebook (Twitter or similar) can increase the visibility of your practice or healthcare organization to local social networks, can generate buzz (and traffic back to your web site), and generate new patient referrals. There are many avenues for improved public exposure for your medical practice or healthcare organization and the internet has become the mainstream approach.
This may be done through direct links to your web site from social network web sites like Facebook, Twitter (a microblogging platform), as well as videos through sites like YouTube (where new procedures may be viewed by those in the medical industry and prospective patients).

Facebook is an easy-to-use platform for supporting your medical practice or healthcare company identity, and there are several ways you can use it as part of your overall online marketing strategy. It can be difficult to constantly come up with innovative and exciting content that will interest a variety of readers. If you’re considering utilizing Facebook (or others) as part of your medical marketing strategy, have a robust plan in place and a committed staff. Connecting multiple social platforms with a hub from your website can help funnel potential new patients directly to your network and from your network to your medical web site.

Social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter have assisted many doctors, medical practices and healthcare organizations in improving their exposure to the general public, their markets, and more specifically their patients.

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