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There are generally five sorts of such PR disasters; the inappropriate opinion, the insensitive statement, the early release, the false reward and the hack. Turning a Tweet around and taking the edge off it and preventing a PR disaster is all about disarming it.
Clearly, there are far more serious disasters, such as Chevrolet, Tweeting that no one in its hometown of Detroit could drive.
This deck provides a summary of 14 examples of branded social media posts and campaigns that went wrong along.

Those PR who think it’s a good idea to tweet after a natural disaster about how low their prices are, or the odd irate Facebook message from a company executive, or even an email for personal use sent to an entire company. When it does happen, lean back on people who will give a positive slant on your brand or about your company. Most of them are irreducible fundamentals of business and all these companies very well know when the misstep happens. Listen to your social media audience, be humble and give them the resolution they want and deserve.

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