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Nearly every brand is aiming to reach customers through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but social media ranks second only to snail mail in the percentage of dissatisfied consumers, a study says.Many companies fail to respond in a timely or effective manner even as consumers increasingly turn to social media for customer service, says a recent study by Northridge Group. There are many more discussions to have before we determine if this is an approach that makes sense for the Chicago Tribune, so for now, it’s our pet project. We debated making it driven by editorial judgment, analytics, social media metrics, or direct reader voting.

Shares via social media provide insight into whether a piece has struck a chord with readers, but it takes time to read and digest the individual responses to discover the readers’ opinions.
Only 3 percent of those surveyed said social media leads to the fastest resolution, compared with the 66 percent who said phone, 15 percent who said online chat and 10 percent who said email.

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