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There are a lot of ideas out there on the web, but most of them are pretty expensive and not exactly the kind of thing a small business has the time or resources to implement.Part of the problem is that there is no one-size-fits-all campaign idea. But it doesn’t always have to be about the product–there are some very good campaigns out there that have little to do with the product that the company sells.Similarly, your social media campaign idea isn’t going to be effective if it’s not suited for your customers. You have to come up with something that your customer is really going to enjoy, something tailored for them.
Making a generic campaign that doesn’t target your customers specifically is going to fall flat.You need to know exactly which of your customers you want to target. Hopefully, you already have some customer personas that you can use to create these campaigns (if you don’t, click here to download our free Customer Persona Template). Here are a few ideas we think you can try in your small business.Create a Contest and Update the Results RegularlyThe best part about contests is that they don’t have to cost you much more than the prize.

The hashtag, which entrants will add to their entries, will also make it easier for you to search for the contest and see exactly how many people have entered. Make sure you come up with a hashtag that is simple and not too long–you don’t want people to mess up the hashtag and not get counted.Contests, like anything else on social media, must be curated to be effective. If you can create a graphic to show how the contest is progressing, or have a leaderboard to promote competition (if it’s possible for entrants to have multiple entries or do something to rack up points), even better.The best contests are active social events. You give your customers the chance to invest themselves in your business a bit, which can turn them into more effective ambassadors of your brand.Go Outside and Interact with Your Customers In Real LifeA shocking proposition I know, but seriously, the best social media contests are going to involve you leaving the office and interacting with your followers in person.
For instance, you might go find the top contenders in your contest and talk to them about it. Most small businesses don’t have a huge amount of capital to invest in something like this, so get your customers involved.

Another is to donate a certain amount for each like or share.For this to work right, you probably want to come up with a branded photo to go along with the post, along with a hashtag. Try not to make the contest all about you and your business and how you guys are so super helpful. You don’t have to sing from the rooftops about how giving you are–let your brand ambassadors do that.Find Social Media Campaign Ideas that Allow You To Be InvolvedSocial media campaign ideas are not about promoting your business–they’re about connecting with your customers and followers.
You can’t put numbers on having a strong base of brand ambassadors, and an effective social media campaign could be just the thing to create that base.If you come up with any great social media campaign ideas, send them to us!

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