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Yes, it seems basic, but it’s so important to always tie it back to the “why” social media makes sense for this particular campaign or product.
Simply put, identify and put into writing the benefit of the social media campaign or efforts.
One of the best ways to ensure that your home shows up in buyer search results, is to make sure your home is featured on the top social media sites, such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Or call our office on +61 3 9686 2288 to speak to us about creating your successful social media campaign.
Your Branding – Make sure the design of your social media campaign is consistent with your company branding and message.

Before you start your next social media campaign, think about each of these elements and how you strategically plan to incorporate them.
Use these six questions in the planning process to ensure your campaign is buttoned up and ready to be a success. If you can’t explain why social media is the right medium, you may need to rethink the plan or approach. Social Property Selling can take care of your entire sales social media campaign set up for you. Make sure visitors to your social media sites recognize the connection to your business and don’t develop your social media presence in a silo.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on social media to be effective, but you do have to plan your time. And because social media has now become a major part of the way a lot of businesses are attracting new customers, developing those relationships off site is the way to go.

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