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Chinese social media platforms are generally more interactive and users can share content in a greater variety of formats to a wider audience, therefore drawing more user contributions. Home grown platforms like Sina Weibo, Wechat, Qzone, Renren and Kaixin have dominated the social media space in China. A social media job is nothing but managing with the customers & followers through social media in an effective way.
If you know how can you convey your message to the audience in just few words, then you have another skill to become a good social media manager. Many companies have started thinking about how to build social media into their business strategies, similar to what many MNCs did for the Internet 10 to 15 years ago.

FSG has built a simple 5-step process for B2C companies to build an effective social media communication plan. There is very big demand for such people in India & these jobs are termed as Social Media Jobs. You might be interested in knowing what these social media jobs are, what their potential is, how much you can earn or how you can become eligible for this. If you want to join a reputed company as a social media manager then you may find these skills necessary to become an eligible candidate. Social media is being proved as the cheaper but most effective way to connect with the people.

Thousands of big companies & more importantly, hundreds of new start-up companies in India need social media manager. Users has been given new opportunity to learn & earn the money independently as per their own convenience.
As per latest marketing survey, a large number of Social Media Managers, and Internet Marketing experts are needed in future job market to listen customers needs and pass on the message to authorized person who can convey messages to audience and in our society.

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