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Unlike mass marketing or print advertising, blogging and social media are as close as it gets to face-to-face interaction with your community. By writing informative or entertaining content often, your blog helps define you as an expert in your niche. There are many other blogging services and platforms out there, but no matter which one you choose, it is important that it become a central part of your website if it is to be a useful tool for self-promotion. Once you have a blog, the next step in creating your identity is to be everywhere all the time. Consider using a commenting system on your blog that lets users log in with the social network profile of their choice.
When social media’s presence did not yet exists, blogging is the most popular way of getting traffic for your website.

Now that the social media is here, it is now become one of the most effective way to get millions of traffic for your site. Your consumer reporter at a major electronics show wants to give a glowing blog review of a new digital camera.
Today, blogging and social media give you a means to promote yourself, share your expertise, and connect with peers and prospects who can help grow your business, even if your business is yourself.
In this way, blogging and social media are not only fun ways to keep your friends, clients, fans or consumers engaged, it is a strategic activity designed to help you brand yourself and create an online identity in a very accessible way. Since Tumblr runs a blog network, your blog has a higher chance of being discovered and promoted by others than it would if you hosted it yourself on your own domain. Most social networks also offer a way for you to link your blog’s RSS feed to your profile, giving your readers an alternative way of keeping up with you and commenting on your posts.

Search engines and social mapping sites can locate their posts and link the writers’ names to their employers. As a journalist you should uphold the same professional and ethical standards of fairness, accuracy, truthfulness, transparency and independence when using social media as you do on air and on all digital news platforms.

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