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Cum hoc fallacies are similar to post hoc, except that where post hoc events happen after, cum hoc events happen with or at the same time.
Regression fallacies mean to return to an earlier state (or the mean) to identify a cause, often called a special kind of post hoc fallacy. Writer, editor, reviewer, communications consultant, former municipal politician, researcher, ukulele musician, media relations consultant, fan of Shakespeare and Chaucer, tequila aficionado, lay historian, chess player, PC gamer, avid reader, skeptic, website tinkerer, companion to two dogs and four cats, loving husband, harmonica & bass player, passionate about my small town, and perennially curious about everything. Sadly there is not a tea party in Canada and people who may agree with them certainly hold no power here – you can see this from the excessive municipal, provincial and federal debt. When entering any argument or debate, it’s always good to be armed with a solid knowledge of logical fallacies – those nefariously common pitfalls of the human mind, patterns of thought that we all slip into that are nevertheless dead wrong. Just because eBay is a big company with a big marketing budget doesn’t mean that whoever’s in charge of their PPC knows what they’re doing.
In other words, as some Wikipedia editor put it, “end the debate with a cliche—not a point.” “It is what it is” is the ultimate thought-terminating cliche of our time. Being familiar with these fallacies makes it easy to call out your opponent when he’s making a right fool of himself.

So if you try to point out something evil or unjust in the world, this conflicts with their worldview and they get defensive. Or, just leave a comment with a glaring fallacy of its own, intentionally or unintentionally.
These are also the people who reply to your long, carefully crafted text with 'ok'.I don't really know why i'm writing this though because no one should be reading these comments. ALL CAPSANY COMMENT WRITTEN WITH CAPS LOCK TURNED ON IS IGNORED OR READ WITH A BILLY MAYS ACCENT FOR HUMOUR. But hey, they already think I’m a jerk because I can spell words like egregious and nefarious without using spellcheck, so I doubt I lost any votes over it. The quality can vary so widely and it usually depends on what kind of atmosphere and community the blog owners cultivate. People who “just like to hear themselves talk” (or see their comments in print, as the case may be) are especially prone to the ignoratio elenchi comment that has nothing to do with anything. Put in blog comment terms, the worst blog commenters fail to recognize that they are the worst blog commenters because they’re so bad at blog commenting they can’t distinguish between good comments and bad comments.

If the person attempts to account for the likelihood of finding some subset in the large data with some common property by a factor other than its actual cause, then that person is likely committing a Texas Sharpshooter fallacy. I love sites with upvoting systems that allow the best comments to rise to the top and which encourage regular commenting and conversation – see SEOmoz, Reddit, and XOJane, where I’ve lost hours of my life poring through user-generated magic. Thus, one does not seek medical advice from one's postal carrier any more than one hopes to discover the most efficient delivery route in one's neighborhood from one's physician.
A blog commenter will claim something as being American and flame everything else that isn't American as phoney.I honestly spend too much time in online communities. The straw man fallacyWhen a commenter takes a small snippet from your blog post and breaks down how stupid your point of view is without considering the whole context in which it was written.13.

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