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Personally this is truly where the ultimate balance of Jason the mild-mannered 9-5 Human Resources worker and the Social Media Samurai exists. Now I understand that from the employers position you don’t want employees distracted with the endless amounts of stimuli that social media provides. One of my personal rules when I take on a new gig is to check for the companies social media and internet policies.

If an employee does not show the ability to get work done than they should have their personal access restricted. Digital privacy is a bigger issue in some industries more so then others and understandably there are best practices that they must imply but generally I think most offices can exist being social media friendly. Email policies and general internet guidelines are pretty common place but social media now exists as a world of its own within the Internet structure.

My feeling is that in clear policy you state that you understand the importance that social media now has in the world and that you trust your employees to be responsible and accountable for their social media activity.

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