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Going social is without doubt the best way to market a business, be it a startup or a multi-national corporation, today. If you’ve been following this blog and have started implementing our Social Media Plan for Success then you aren’t quite ready to begin phase three just yet. It is time to move on to Phase II of the “60-Day Plan for Social Media Success.” But first, if you’re joining us late, check out the introductory post by following the link just above. As the landscape of the industry changes, you recognize that the Internet and social media are major driving factors in the decision-making process of consumers. Allowing your advisors access to social media will result in finding new prospects that translates into more sales. The more information your company shares on social media, the easier it is to find your information from search engine queries – resulting in quality traffic and higher conversion rates. Social Media is one of the most powerful tools available to drive sales, create advocacy, build community, and manage your corporate reputation. Shying away from social media deprives you of its benefits while leaving you vulnerable and still doesn’t mitigate the risk.

Patrina’s social media archiving and supervisory solution provide the protection you need to maximize your online presence while minimizing the associated risk.
Capture: Social media feeds are captured, indexed and consolidated into a secure and globally accessible archive. Patrina’s social media archiving and supervisory solution provides the protection you need to maximize your online presence while minimizing the associated risk. Social media platforms allow you to connect with your target audience, build relationships with your prospects, attract new business leads and most importantly share content and information as it relates to your industry.
Developing and enforcing a corporate social media policy must be part of your business strategy. Enacting social media not only helps you reach your audience like no other communication force out there, but also lets you steer the course of conversation where you want it to go.
Our solution takes minutes to set up with nothing complicated to manage and puts you back in the driver seat capturing all social media activity regardless of the user’s location or device. Technology, including social media, is key to getting in front of prospects and consumers today.

Then you checked out our introductory blog on the “60-Day Plan for Social Media Success.” Now you know what to expect, you’ve learned key words, your website and blog are ready to go, and you’re prepared to move forward with Phase I.
All electronic information, including real-time communications, web applications and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) can now be included in e-discovery requests.
FINRA and the SEC consider social media a form of electronic communication so regulated firms must be able to retain, retrieve, and supervise communication.
This isn’t one of those lists with 852+ tools that no one has time to read, let alone implement.
Additionally, Patrina specializes in email archiving and electronic message archiving to address all your compliance needs. Our social media archiving and supervisory solution will help your business to reap the rewards of social media while minimizing the associated risks.

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