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Facebook is big on separating the individual from the brand and thus you need to install Facebook Pages Manager in addition to the standard app for actual people.
Twitter is simply made for the brevity of content marketing on-the-fly so this app is likely the first social app that any of you severely late-adopters will take to and you will enjoy the ease of use. All you need to do is read this article on how to build your G+ following, this article on the importance of G+ circles (and Kevin Bacon), and this one on G+ Authorship (regardless the horrible update) to know that I mean business when I state you need this brand profile and app to manage it. LinkedIn is absolutely essential for B2B brands and you should be engaging your connections on there daily. Instagram may have a desktop version that allows you to edit comments but it is an app-only social network all the way. Pinterest is the most popular visual social network around and with its core audience being female (80 percent!) it represents a powerful consumer demographic. The HootSuite app will take the daunting task of managing the above seven apps and streamline the process into one user-friendly platform.

Sure, you may have a Facebook and Twitter profile for your brand, set up a couple of years ago with little to show for that 30 minutes of effort.
Track conversations related to your industry, engage users, and subsequently grow your social network reach while in line at the bank. While I fully recommend HootSuite I still feel that you must check into all of your social networks one by one from time to time throughout the week. However, because I feel Reddit and its fickle audience presents smart branding opportunities for businesses that truly deliver great content to crack the code of these hip-to-your-marketing-scheme users I needed to mention it here. Pages Manager updates frequently as the social network continues to toy with the way brands can interact with the Facebooking public so expect to check for updates frequently after installing. Once you’ve become seasoned in managing the above 8 social media apps give Reddit and the Alien Blue PRO version a spin.
But in today’s climate it would be superfluous for me to even state that it is an essential part of any online marketing strategy.

Nonetheless HootSuite is absolutely essential for any content marketer in charge of their brand’s social networks. In fact, this list is not just about which social media apps you should have on your mobile, it serves as a not-so-roundabout way of stating which social profiles your business needs to remain relevant in the eyes of today’s consumer.
While you have installed all of the usual suspects of social media apps you may have missed that latter half. Either way, keep reading to ensure that you are ready to manage all of these social networks for your brand while you are on the go.

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