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Our Belfast social media training courses give Northern Ireland businesses the knowledge to succeed. Linkedin f0r individuals and companiesSetting up a company & networking as an individual. The growth of social media marketing platforms has become a major part of building social signals that are very important in any SEO digital marketing campaign. We keep things compact and concentrate on practical, workable solutions you can use immediately. Perhaps you are unaware that the emergence of different social media channels offer internet marketers like you a wider marketing opportunities in building brand visibility over the web. How your website rank on the search engine can make a big impact regarding your customer and lead acquisition and conversion rate for your site.Social media marketing integrated with search engine optimization strategies is effective in building a website organic traffic. There are different social media marketing trends that will definitely affect the way digital marketers will undertake their search engine optimization campaign to boost their lead generation process and website conversion rates this year.From the insights of digital marketing experts, here are some of the social media marketing trends that can impact the growth and success of your digital marketing and search engine optimization campaigns.

There is a significant explosion in the number of consumers who are using socials as a means of finding products and services that they need.
Whenever your web page gains more likes and shares from the social media community, the wider your audience reach and influence becomes to your target customers.Integrating social media to your digital marketing campaign is thus crucial in order to attain your marketing goals.
From becoming a mere luxurious means of marketing business online, social media marketing becomes an important pillar in SEO with the need of integrating it to digital marketing in an effort of making small to medium businesses at par and competitive with their competitors.The social advertising trend becoming indispensible in digital marketingDigital marketers are being lured towards social media advertising due to the trend in the shopping behavior of the consumers.
Social media surveys reveal that a big percentage of the consumers spend an average of 37 minutes a day on popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and 10% of the internet users are spent on social media sites. Imagine the potential market gain that social media can offer to online marketers.In 2013, about 53% of digital marketers are already positioning their brand in the social media market and by 2014 social advertising investment will continue to grow.
This will help measure the potential effectiveness on the kind of social advertisement approach to use when engaging your target audience.Optimize the landing pages of your website by combining SEO and social media marketing strategies. Don’t underestimate the influence of social media buttons in making your landing pages more engaging to your website visitors.Image Centric content for social media marketing Social media users are becoming more engaged in sharing images and liking them.

For an internet marketer this is a good opportunity to grow the social signals that will give their brand a better search rank.
Image content can be very enticing among the social media users that offer a good online exposure of a brand. The image centric content has become one of the social media marketing trends embraced by Atlanta’s social media marketing companies that are likewise integrated to their search engine optimization campaigns under the principle that mages are known to boost a brand’s exposure to the search engine users.Social integration to email marketingEmail marketing is viewed by digital marketers as one of the pillars for a successful lead conversion.
The widespread use of email marketing remains to be prevalent despite the latest trend in digital marketing and marketers are taking the initiative of integrating social media marketing to further strengthen their business lead conversions. By using social media, your leads will find it easier to make a buying decision if they see your brand within their friends’ social feeds.

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