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Once you have selected the social networks that best suit your company, you can then align your strategy to meet your desired goals.
Assigning an intern to manage the social media channels a few hours per week is simply not enough anymore. Posting the same thing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like is redundant and will cause you to lose followers. People join social networks for different reasons and you best serve your online community when you know who they are and what they want to see. The social media management emphasis provides an understanding about social media from a public relations perspective.
According to Hall, the average midsize or large company (1,000 employees or more) has 178 social media assets, but only 25 percent of companies offer social business training to their employees. Social Media can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness, monitor your business reputation and offer better services. One of the most important steps is to choose the right Social Media networks in order to successfully reach your target audience.
Even if Social Media are considered a cost effective solution for lots of businesses, have in mind that sometimes traditional channels can be much more effective especially in B2B cases.
Tip: Negative comments or mentions with strong language and no arguments are not always worth answering.
A successful Social Media campaign, like in all communication campaigns, requires an action plan.
Social Media community development is the process to build your global network within social media. Follow people of common interests on twitter and start new discussions in groups on Social Networks like LinkedIn or Xing. Driving traffic through various social media embassies of your business can be an effective way to promote your business. Measuring the effectiveness of a Social Media campaign depends on the objectives you have set. With businesses investing a substantial amount of their marketing budgets into social media marketing, it is important that they have an accountable,regulated and much more planned approach to this myriad media channel. But then some social media expert told me that because of the way social media works, if you’re not doing ALL of it together, then you might as well do NONE of it.

By then I was putting in 80+ hours a week just trying to keep my clients happy and doing my own social media was time I just didn’t have. It wasn’t long before I realized that none of the leading experts, gurus or #1 authorities were doing their own social media.
This realization literally changed everything for me and I began researching what options there were out there to have someone do it for me. I found that the companies who were offering even basic social media packages were charging up to $5,000 per month to run the campaigns — plus exorbitant setup charges. So I decided to develop my own system that automated the “drudgery”, making it all happen in the background each and every day. And don’t forget – this was all happening without any involvement from me whatsoever.
There’s been such interest I’ve had to hire a 2nd social media manager to keep up with demand! If social media something you NEED to get right and you know you don’t have the time to handle it in-house, then my new social media manager has just 2 spots open. 3-4 hours of intensive industry-specific research by your social media manager so she’s familiar with your topic and who the big players are.
There are too many companies out there bombarding their followers with the social media equivalent of spam. He lives in London, England and is particularly interested in the proliferation of social media around the world. This includes strategy, monitoring and brand building through social media in conjunction with traditional public relations, advertising and marketing strategies and techniques.
One-third of global buyers use social media to engage with their vendors, and 75 percent expect to use social media in future purchasing processes. In addition to the growth of marketing, public relations and advertising positions — all of which requires a deep understanding of social media — the industry has created a demand for new, specialized positions in managing social media assets.
Nevertheless, using Social Media as part of your marketing strategy is not as simple as many people think.
Some social media are more business oriented (LinkedIn, Xing) while some others are great tools for finding news and articles (Twitter) etc. In order to be able to manage a future crisis you must be flexible, monitor what users say about your company, locate potential issues and be responsive.

It is your decision whether to ignore what people say or to consider it a useful feedback and try to improve.
This is because in this way you take advantage of the different characteristics that are supported in the various Social Media.
The various metrics that Social Media networks provide can be useful way to understand the reaction of the users on the messages that they receive. Then I hired a social media manager to run it for me from my office and the results were nothing short of amazing. If so, you should be brainstorming content, promotions, and posts that will attract your target customer.
If you aren’t willing to invest the time and money it takes to respond to your online followers, then you probably shouldn’t be on social media. If you don’t have the answer and need some time to find it, let that person know that you have seen their question and you are working to get the answer for them. By using Social Media you can add value to your services by understanding the needs of your customers. So when you build accounts or when you post messages on Social Media don’t forget to cross link them. It’s better to have a limited, strategic presence on social media than to be everywhere without purpose. Sendible’s social media dashboard with features like work flow approval and assigning tasks to team members should help you manage this effectively. Make use of photos and other rich media content to tell a visual story using Facebook Timeline. Just make sure you do it professionally as it is vital to define your objectives and align them to your corporate communication strategy. Remember that you should have clear objectives and predefined available resources for this campaign.

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