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The ad mix will likely shift this year, however, as the majority of advertisers (64%) plan to boost their paid social media advertising budgets.
Download the Paid Social Media Advertising: Industry Update and Best Practices report here.
For information about an upcoming Nielsen webinar on social media and the new advertising eco system, click here. Findings were derived from an online survey commissioned by Vizu, a Nielsen company, of more than 500 digital marketing and media professionals on current attitudes and practices regarding paid social media advertising.
Our social media series is meant to get you up and running on the social media marketing front. The nature of social media advertising varies from network to network — each with its own set of rules and best practices.

Use your social media posts and related analytics to see what is working right now with your audience.
The future of the internet is overwhelmingly mobile and much of social media is also consumed on mobile devices. In 2014, internet advertising took 2nd place as the most used form of advertising, second only to TV, which still holds the #1 spot.
Some networks, like Facebook, allow you to direct your advertisements to those who follow similar accounts (have liked “Similar Pages”) to your own social media account. Currently, only 41 percent of advertisers report having a dedicated paid social media ad budget. Furthermore, the amount spent on Social media advertising exceeded $8.5 billion and is expected to top $14 billion in 2018.

The industry standard is not to measure advertising success simply by click-through rates because with multi-channel shopping and browsing being what it is, your customer and would-be customers may see an ad and do a search to access your site and your products instead of simply clicking through. Plus, the majority (70%) indicated that they dedicated 10 percent or less of their overall 2012 online advertising budget to paid social media.

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