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OUR SERVICES ADD UP TO ONE AWESOME OFFERING: WE DO THE THINKING SO YOUR CUSTOMERS DON’T HAVE TO. Thinking is all about ensuring that before you act, you have a sound strategy that connects with your overall business goals. Social Media Analytics Consumers of Scoial Media Analytics Corporates are major consumers of Social Media Analytics solution. Having a world class marketing company managing your online visibility is a necessity in this day and age. Jessica is a seasoned marketing professional who has spent the majority of her career focused primarily on social media marketing for lifestyle brands, including strategies for search engine optimization, search engine marketing and analytics.

2009 election crisis in Iran # On 16 June 2009, Reuters and other global media outlets reported that the US State Department had asked Twitter to delay a scheduled server upgrade, ostensibly in order to ensure Iranian users maximum access to the service (Pleming 2009). Theme 1 A study on any major political movement in India or Kerala, based on social media chatter.
Not just any customers, but loyal customers who will be inclined to spread the good word about your brand, in turn amplifying all of our marketing efforts. We use this to inform a creative process that propels value by engaging customers more effectively.
Now: place where people can Consume and create content Interact with society to think loud to share ideas and information A new way of socializing Broadly social media is anything that engages people and starts a dialog.

With a 360-degree approach to reaching customers that is targeted and measurable she creates deep engagement with a brand’s core demographic, it’s kind of her thing.

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