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Social media has changed substantially every year since Web 2.0 came onto the playing field back in 2003. I was browsing Social Media Today this morning when I came across an article that was sharing the 7 social media trends of 2015.
Facebook continues to smash all other social media platforms in terms of users, but in terms of marketing, it is no longer considered the best option. With the change in marketing and an emphasis on social media this is an excellent article to read to gain a perspective on upcoming trend.

I totally agree with your predictions and I’d like to add even more emphasis on video as a prime medium in 2015. Different platforms have come and gone, however, the only constant that we can be sure of is that social media in 2016, will not be the same as it was in 2014-15.
Indeed, the automatic video playing feature is a strong tool and it strengthen all brands visibility as FB is the leading social network. Social Media Today, one of the most trusted social media news resources online, got the ball rolling for this article (see for yourself).

Launching my literary journey, as well as visibility has proven successful on social media!
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