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This pack contains two variants of icons and all the icons are available with sizes of 24x24px in PNG format.
This package of icons includes Yahoo, Google+, StumbleUpon, Twitter, RSS, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Flickr. Go Social is a collection of 9 social media icons that comes in sizes of 32x32px and 48x48px. Collection of twitter icons in 3 alternate colors and in sizes of 64x64px, 32x32px and 16x16px. IC Circle Social Icon Set is a collection of 12 icons in two alternate styles – color and grey-scale. Social Media icons are of great help to designers and good quality icons make it possible for designers to it. It is also well known to experienced bloggers that these social media icons are a must for getting the traffic to his website. The role of social media is important in building up a good communication with the users It is important to make a space in the themes section for better interaction. This is another topnotch package of social media icons that will enormously enrich your website design.
So, with this set showing off your affiliation to any of these projects will be just a piece of cake. Inside this professional package you will find retro-style circular icons that are made in a soft pastel coloring. The set will find its ideal place in vintage-style designs, interfaces with a circular vibe and of course designs based on a subtle color palette.
The set comprises 40 ready-to-use icons including Facebook, Dribbble, Twitter, Deviantart, Tumblr and others.
Colorful, round, slight 3d touch, gradient background and bold solid light border – all these factors characterize this high-quality set of icons that is a truly helpful tool for drawing attention to social media bookmarking sites.
If you want to add a zest to your interface, you can simply apply this matchless package of icons.
The designer offers users to grab a free package of solid pictograms that correctly define popular social media websites by virtue of easily recognizable logotypes and corporate colors. The package also allows building-up other icons using these pictograms as base, to be more precise, as centerpieces for your new graphics. The designer effectively leverages such basic Adobe Photoshop tools as blending options and filters in order to create a high-quality set of icons that delights by its clean noise appearance, vibrant backdrops and solid borders with rounded corners. If you are looking for high-quality pixel-perfect icons that have a lovely grunge feeling then you should set your eyes on this small package.

The icons are available only in one standard size – 32px, since this dimension is commonly used, however, if you still have a desire to make some changes then PSD file is at your service.
The team has recently updated the package by including icons for Pinterest, Google+, Zerply, mail and Twitter (an alternative version). If you are a web designer then you are always on the look-out for pixel-perfect well-crafted social media icons.
Thanks so much for this great resource of icons, I used lots of them when playing with my current WordPress theme.
Now I am back with 24 more sets of fresh social media icons for web designers that you can use freely on your websites or blogs.
They will always be concerned about their own job and to deliver aptly to the expectations of the supervisor.They already are occupied to do so much in one go, their life defines them as workaholics who are all the time following the dictum of “get, set, go”. Social media icons has been influential nowadays and a requirement for blogs and websites to have a proper social media account.
The bookmarking icons of social media lets you enhance the popularity of your ranking with others sites.
Then you will need a set of eye-catching social media icons that not only allow your users to quickly share information with its friends but also perfectly blend in composition. The set embraces glyphs for all popular bookmarking websites and services even including ICQ.
However, coming with a pleasantly textured vibrant background with faded effect this set will definitely enhance your design whether it leverages textures and patterns or it resorts to stripping away all decorations. Being based on a traditional color combo, the set can be used in various projects starting from dark designs and ending up with bright ones. Otherwise if you need another size you can easily open file in Adobe Photoshop and make your changes, easily modifying any icon and giving it the whole new appearance. Moreover, all these features are elegantly combined together in order to recreate a truly multifaceted appearance that allows icons naturally blending into any interface whether it is based on a light coloring, a minimal use of graphics or vice versa a complex textured backdrops.
Being based on a classic black-and-white scheme this set of icons will ideally work with many other colors as well as naturally contribute to various designs. Though these icons won’t certainly dominate your interface, however each one will be able to easily seize the attention.
Thanks to designer who gives away not only Jpg and PNG files but also PSD file, you can create brand-new unique round, square or rectangular shaped icons.
But there is a PSD file that permits to modify icons for successfully adapting them to your design.
Then try to take advantage of several small bookmarking icons from the set released by eos8.

This professional mini set comprises 25 fully-layered icons for RSS, Last FM, Ember, Digg and other popular social media websites. Various projects demand various icons, and the more diverse toolkit you have the more intricate, refined and harmonious interface design you will be able to create over a short period of time. I wonder how do they cope up with the issues happening in their workplaces, what does it take to be that open to ideas, prepared for hard work and all set to deliver using ingenuity and uniqueness. To get an improved ranking you should know that the icons are a great way to fulfil your work. However, the key feature of this package is a CSS version that provides you with lightweight vivid icons that can be easily inbuilt into your project only by means of a simple line of code.
The designer also offers an alternative set for hover status that involves colorful backdrops.
And you do not necessarily have to use them as complementary tools; icons with such an eye-catching unique outward will find their own place in almost any project for sure. To make your website social media ready, you need to add social media icons of different websites. The badges icon, different types of textures like grass, fabric, denim, worn cloth are really good.
Being made in a flat style that runs the show this year every icon will be able to find its place in your website design.
Today my post is highlighting social media icons that I have been designing and previously posted on the blog and being a designer myself I second to every thought that defines the proficiency of designers.
The water color effect like artistic ones, sketches, hand made icons also make the icons look good. Social media icons have now gained much significance because having them pasted on the blog can earn you a great deal of viewership.Just by getting connected to the blog via social media icons, will help you to keep an open eye on the latest posts of the blog.
The wooden style is eye-catching with some in badge style, some with glossy touch of different shapes and sizes representing different types of icons. The origami style, images of soda bottles and cans, stained type add up to the list of media icons.

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