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As well as being Founder of The Business of Introverts, I run My Virtual Sidekick, a support service for creative women who are running small businesses of their own.
I’d say, if you have an idea, don’t go into research overdrive, just get something out there! Get behind-the-scenes insights, tales and lessons learnt on finding your freedom and growing a business (while caring for your oh-so important quiet side). Founder of The Business of Introverts, Kathryn is here to help you escape the noise and do things YOUR way.

The assistance I offer allows these women to ditch the tasks they struggle to find the time for or which they don’t enjoy, so that they can focus their attentions on the creative parts of business that they love. Often many people feel that you can’t start anything until you’ve got the perfect idea, the perfect plan and the perfect website. The trouble is that until you’re actually out there doing it, it’s hard to assess what works, what you enjoy doing and whether there’s a true market for the problem you’re solving. Ultimately the original idea came from a real need to solve a problem, and I’ve never lost sight of that.

I’d never considered self employment before then, but seeing what other people were doing gave me the boost I needed to take control of my life and make changes.
Your ideas are bound to evolve as you put them into practice – but you’ll never get to that point if you don’t just start!

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