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This leaked cover letter from a law grad seeking employment is the latest tale of woe from the market.
The Reddit community pointed out that the applicant is only seeking a short-term job while waiting for bar exam results as though that’s an encouraging fact.
As reflected in my resume, I can bring no more to this job than can a recent high school graduate. Obviously, this is not the job anyone entering law school expects to be applying for three years later.

Delicatessens, Delis, Depressing stuff, Depressing Things, Food, Hofstra Law, Hofstra Law School, Job Searches, Law Schools, Maurice A. Lawyers are taking contract jobs, paralegal gigs, becoming shepherds, and generally debasing themselves. This will make you think that I think that I am overqualified for this job, whether I actually do or not.
Melody had developed her own cover letter and resume, but they weren't generating many responses.

I am also telling you up front that I plan on looking for other jobs while working for you, establishing up front that I am a flight risk. I’m not sure how much on the job training a part-time deli clerk needs, but rest assured that it will be wasted on me.

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