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If you're ready to leave your first career behind and move on to what's next in life, it's time to ask what's next.
Making a career switch can be intimidating at any point in life, but a tepid economy and family responsibilities can hinder even the biggest risk-takers. A great idea for a career change is helping Baby Boomers who are about to turn 65 by explaining how Medicare works and explaining their Medicare coverage options. Rather than starting off on your own, take advantage of newly created roles that are growing in demand.

CareerBuilder's midyear job forecast shared hopeful news for job seekers and career changers. Switching careers during economic uncertainty is actually more common and practical than it may seem.
Whether you've never before thought of switching careers, or if it's been a recurring dream of yours, here are some ideas for getting started. Transitioning successfully to a second career depends on how much research and preparation you can do to ensure it'll be the right fit.

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