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Expand your search to the smaller niche job sites that focus particularly on jobs in Chennai or career field in Chennai and you will find plenty of job listings.
All the Localized Chennai job sites have search agents and some web sites specialize in sending announcements.
Chemical Engineering Jobs In Chennai And Part Time Chemical Engineering Job Vacancy AvailableSenior Sales Engineer Needed .
If you're from Chennai or any part of Tamilnadu remember there is no special genuine online company opened for you to work or earn online. The truth is online surveys are the best money making source in the world and the same applies in Chennai, India.

Look at the picture given below, this freelance job is posted in Indian freelance marketplace for freelancers in Chennai and all around Tamilnadu. Micro jobs are small tasks like categorizing the advertisement, finding the article, finding errors from the given document etc.
Copy paste, ad posting, captcha entry, form filling works are some examples of data entry jobs.
Also lots of people from many part of the Tamilnadu state including Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy and Pondicherry are searching for home based part time jobs.
If you wish to earn money online by doing micro jobs read this article, how to earn money online through micro tasks.

Browse in sub category using filter to search job that are available particularly for freelancers in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Here let me explain how to earn online from Chennai and any part of Tamilnadu without investment.

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