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Alternatively, if job seekers are interested in working in a particular industry, they can find information on the variety of jobs in that industry. A jobseeker interested in working in the motion picture and sound recording industries could work in any number of occupations involved in preproduction, production, and postproduction. Although job seekers may be tempted to move to areas where wages are significantly higher, which tend to be large metropolitan areas, they should consider cost of living before packing up. To get started, job seekers can select occupations of interest to them from the occupational profile page.
Whether they are recent graduates or professionals contemplating switching careers, job seekers can ease this process by understanding the distinct resources available to them. The occupational profiles list can be especially useful for people who would like more information about jobs with a similar skill set. For instance, jobs in the healthcare industry include orderlies, surgeons, and medical records technicians and jobs in education include teachers, school bus drivers, and education administrators.

Employment concentration for an area, which can be measured by location quotients, is one important factor to consider as a jobseeker.
For example, paralegals might focus their job searches on finding work within the legal services industry, an industry that traditionally employs 73 percent of paralegals.
To demonstrate the usefulness of these data, consider a student graduating with a degree in psychology who is possibly interested in becoming a public relations specialist.
However, job seekers could broaden their searches to include government employers, which account for another 15 percent of jobs in this occupation. This job seeker may expect wages near the 10th percentile, at $30,520 annually, or the 25th percentile, at $38,740 annually, since he or she is just starting a new career and may lack experience. In other words, to maximize their potential opportunities, job seekers might want to examine alternative industries for employment.
Job seekers interested in working as travel agents will notice that specific states have higher-than-average employment concentrations in this occupation, such as Hawaii, North Dakota, Florida, and Missouri.

Meanwhile, a more experienced job seeker could expect wages in the 75th percentile, at $72,180 annually, or the 90th percentile, at $96,630 for the same occupation. Training requirements and job outlook for these and over 250 occupations are available through the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
Such a job seeker could also consider cities where employment levels are highest, some of which include Seattle, Portland, and San Diego. As a jobseeker, if earning a higher salary is a priority, then applying to jobs that pay higher wages should be considered. When considering where to look for employment opportunities, job seekers can use OES data to examine both the employment concentration and overall level of employment for various occupations.

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