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As a pharmaceutical salesman in Greece for 17 years, Tilemachos Karachalios wore a suit, drove a company car, and had an expense account. In July, he found work with a cleaning firm run by another Greek, who was doing an annual summer cleaning of Swedish public schools.
Karachalios lives frugally, saving half-smoked cigarettes while he waits for his parents to wire money. At a litter-strewn gas station just off the highway, Karachalios would wait for a van to pick him up.
When they talk, it’s about her day in Greece: her trip to the beach with her grandparents, what she’ll have for breakfast. In Sweden, struggling to make sense of Greece’s decline, Karachalios suggests a possible conspiracy by Germany and France to cripple the country economically in order to seize its Aegean oil reserves. Migrants to Sweden from within the European Union are free to look for work and can settle if they can provide for themselves or have family there. Last year, 1,093 Greeks sought permission to settle in prosperous Sweden, almost double the number in 2010.

He pays 4,500 Swedish kronor ($670) a month for a room in a quiet apartment complex that houses other immigrants, many from the Middle East.
The hours were long and the work hard, but Karachalios says he was at least treated fairly. He’s also bitter about comments by former Prime Minister George Papandreou, who said in 2009 that corruption and tax evasion were to blame for Greece’s crisis. I’ve lived here for nine years and have had jobs in the corporate sector and the public sector. An intense man with flecks of gray in his thinning black hair, Karachalios says he has lost 20 to 30 pounds since moving to Sweden. Talking with Katerina is a highlight of his day—he was crushed when his laptop stopped working and he couldn’t Skype with her on her birthday. Konstantinos Fraggidis, president of a Greek cultural association in Stockholm, says he fields 10 to 15 e-mails a day from Greeks asking about working conditions in Sweden.
If there’s no permanent work in Stockholm, he says he may move with his daughter to Shanghai, where his ex-wife lives.

For lunch, they shared their food, with Karachalios bringing fried meatballs for the group. An ill-fated attempt to start a retirement home cost him months of work and most of his savings.
Determined to move, he considered Australia but eventually chose Sweden, which he had visited before.
Because of his background in health care, Karachalios first applied for jobs caring for the elderly.

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