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A growing number of people aretaking on job search careers, helpingclients polish their resumes, land jobinterviews, and perform well during these interviews. The sad truth is that manyprofessionals in job search careers onlyentered this business recently as a wayto earn quick dollars off desperate job seekers. These referrals should be able to tell job hunters exactly what level of service specific job search professionals provided them, andwhether these services helped them land a job.
Job search professionals will also be able to guide job seekers to the best job sites, the ones about which not everyone knows. The Career Power Skills Employment Kit helps you search careers, create resumes, cover letters, print, and online web portfolios all with one book.

College and High School Instructors use the Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a textbook in career education courses and seminars, and as a main text or as a pragmatic supplemental text for hands-on career exercises and projects. Career Counselors in High School and College use the Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a curriculum based tool to assist students in the creation of effective career documents.
Library Patrons can utilize the Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a reserve item inside the library using their laptop or a library workstation, or they can check it out of the library and work at home on their computers. Those looking for new jobs need to ask theright questions to determine if the job search consultants they are considering actually have the skills necessary to provide them with the best job search advice.
The best job searchprofessionals will also focus on helping their clients brush up on their networking skills.

John’s University, the textbook has chapter learning objectives, self-branding exercises, and step-by-step technical instruction that clearly guides students through the career skills process from research through career communication documents and creation of career-focused print and online portfolios. The educational website and all its resources can be set up for access through the Library system website to provide a valuable career literacy resource to the community. Use The Career Power Skills Employment Kit as a giveaway gift for graduations, or at fund-raisers, sponsorships, career fairs, PTA Events, and book fairs.

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