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Our San Francisco employment lawyers advocate for clients whose issues may pertain to wrongful termination, breach of contract, disability, wage and hour violations, and matters involving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The employment attorneys of Keller Grover assist with the drafting, negotiation, and review of contracts and agreements that aid in curtailing the legal challenges that can arise when an employment relationship comes to an end, and also advocate for workers who find themselves in serious employment disputes.
Employment attorneys of Keller Grover LLP provide legal representation for Bay Area and Los Angeles professionals, and employees dealing with challenging issues in the workplace.

A San Francisco labor lawyer may claim to have experience in helping clients with a variety of California labor law matters such as employment discrimination; however, it is important to choose a California labor lawyer whose primary focus falls in line with your specific employment law issue.
We are uniquely qualified in wage and hour litigation and will promptly assign a San Francisco or Los Angeles labor attorney to review your issue, and evaluate what financial damages you may be entitled to recover under California wage hour law.
We are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees and consumers  involved in difficult disputes that relate to issues pertaining to employment law, consumer protection, and antitrust matters.

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