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Throughout this month, we're focusing on how businesses and organizations can use custom tabs to strengthen their Facebook pages. Careers and employment pages are common on company and organization websites, and those job openings should also be considered for marketing through your Facebook page. You don't have to choose an overly-complicated option to start promoting job openings through a tab on your Facebook business page. Interestingly, in conjunction with your Facebook careers page, do not forget about your LinkedIn Company page.
Success in the new realm of Facebook advertising (remember: it is now a hybrid engagement plus performance-based direct-response ad platform) means that marketers need to put more research and focus into the images they use in Facebook ads because the ad size is so large (especially in the News Feed). Facebook offers some great ad targeting tools that can help you tailor your ad creative specifically for the demographic segment you want to target.

With the current unemployment rate at 7.9%, there are a lot of people on the hunt for job leads. If you really want to make something go viral, on say, Facebook you have to appeal to your visual audience. The days of a brand posting a blurry photo from an event with a caption “Like Us Now!” are (thankfully) coming to an end. The relatively short lifespan of a Facebook ad means that brands must have a vast quantity of unique, constantly refreshed images at the ready to keep their ads and content near the top of users’ News Feeds.
Through numerous algorithm changes, Facebook has made it clear to marketers that it wants – and its users expect – a compelling, visually appealing reason to engage with a brand’s ad. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way if you want great performance from Facebook advertising.

A Facebook user should be able to glance at the ad and immediately know what it means, what action they are supposed to take and what value they are going to derive from that action. This will increase the performance and user engagement of your Facebook ads, ensuring they remain higher up in users’ News Feeds.

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