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Typing the word "Sales" into the jobs search engine on MyCareer yields the maximum number of responses for any query. Unlike many professions, a successful salesperson can apply for openings in a diverse range of industries including IT, Telecommunications, Software, Automation, Electronics, Medical, Scientific, Industrial, Manufacturing & Professional Services.
Your skills as a salesperson are more critical and, for the most part, will transfer seamlessly from one industry to the next.
Race, religion and background all mean nothing - your value as a salesperson is determined by how much you sell. The base income of a typical professional salesperson ranges form $45K for a entry level Sales Executive position up to $300K + for a Sales director role. There are many tens of thousands of lucrative sales positions in Australia, there always have been and there always will be. As a professional salesperson you get many of the rewards of entrepreneurship with almost none of the risk. If however you have any aspirations of owning & running your own business there is no better training ground for aspiring entrepreneurs than a sales career.

Most business owners are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do but many don't fully understand sales or marketing. The above facts in and of themselves would convince most people looking for an outside sales job that these massive job sites are the best chance at success in getting hired. Your best bet when looking for an outside sales job using online search engines is to dig much, much deeper. Pass this article along to anyone you know who is looking for a life changing career in outside sales. Related PostsFree Training Session for Job Seekers56In the online world of career sites that help professionals find jobs, Kevin Kermes is a name many of you will recognize. Like any job there are plusses and minuses; however the latter are far outweighed by the rewards available to top salespeople. When looking to make your first move into a sales position, specific product knowledge is not critical. Not all sales positions offer the same income potential, but many have no limit on the amount of money you can make.

These vary widely and are dependent on the type of sales role, industry and size of company. In fact, the first three search results you’ll come across are bought and paid for by these job sites, and they get first organic, or unpaid, placement in search engines as well.
They don’t, because the truth is that although you can sit and apply for jobs all day for weeks at a time, rarely do you end up with even an interview. At RRSA, our current sales team members are kicking butt and taking names in the Chicago area, and also in other locations across the USA. Today I thought it would be cool to help with your job search for sales jobs in the Chicago area by listing some resources I have discovered in my research for RRSA.

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