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Average Marketing Coordinator salaries for job postings in Raleigh, NC are 4% lower than average Marketing Coordinator salaries for job postings nationwide.
Average Regional Sales Marketing Specialist salaries for job postings in Raleigh, NC are 4% lower than average Regional Sales Marketing Specialist salaries for job postings nationwide. This 312 Marketing review explains an what the company does and the work environment in Raleigh, NC.
Incorporated in 2012, 312 Marketing has built a strong foundation of enthusiastic and motivated business professionals to deliver results for their clients time and time again. While the job market in Raleigh, NC is similar to a lot of other major markets, it turns out that there ARE jobs out there. To put it in a little bit better perspective employees at the company frequently engage in team building activities throughout the week, both planned and unplanned.
While the jobs at this marketing are challenging, they provide a way for motivated and ambitious individuals to reach their goals.

As many traditional channels of marketing and sales are getting bogged down, this company provides a service that the Fortune 500 community can’t seem to get enough of. While many other marketing methods are only able to sink in after repeated efforts, this form of marketing tends to only take one or two contacts. We are able to promise our clients a 100% return on their investment by utilizing our tried and true methods. There are countless stories and examples of people who are just working at a job to pay their bills. The company offers full training and the requirements are based around a solid work ethic and positive attitude.
Unlike some of those other review sites, we pride ourselves on giving accurate information and back up our reviews, testimonials, and guides with original sources.
When you have a group of individuals with similar attitudes and interests, it makes for a great working environment.

Many more national vendors are on-board with this approach as well and are anxiously waiting for services. With marketing companies like this, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into training and providing management opportunities for the best performers in the company. We promise them that through hard work and dedication, they WILL have an opportunity in management.

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