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The right sales personnel can dramatically increase competitive advantage and revenue generation potential. For the past decade, KAS Placement’s Seattle sales recruiters have been industry leaders in sales, account management, business development recruiting and marketing recruitment.
From executive sales management to recent graduates, our recruiting expertise includes the ability to accurately qualify and match employees with fitting, progressive hiring organizations.
Similarly, our Seattle sales recruiters have assisted some of Washington’s top companies in recruiting talent that makes a bottom line difference. Whether it be for a sales management, business development, account management, channel sales, inside sales or an entry-level job, our singular focus allows us to quickly qualify you as a future leader within the right client organization. Upon obtaining a feel for the aforementioned variables, our sales recruiting experts pair you with an organization that plays to your strengths, interests and career values. Marketing and sales recruiting is our speciality and the business development headhunters at KAS Placement are able to locate the top job seekers for our employers. Known for our headhunters' ability to network with the best job applicants in over 100 industries, KAS’s Seattle sales recruiters have been widely recognized for staffing future leaders in our client companies. This recognition includes, among others: Dow Jones, NYTimes, Chicago Tribune, WSJ, San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes and Business Insider. If you are a job seeker in sales and marketing looking to connect with one of our headhunters for your career change needs or are a hiring company seeking the services of our sales recruiters, please contact our staffing specialists.
Fast-forward 20 years and you find that that paradigmatic dark little office is a distant memory, replaced by studios, collaboration spaces, and open office arrangements tailored for segments of a many-times-larger (and more diverse) workforce.

And that quest can be a tough sell for a company whose product line is essentially invisible. Microsoft came to SkB with this problem in 2004, and together they devised a plan of attack called Workplace Advantage (WPA). WPA 2.0, which involved a number of architecture firms working worldwide, has been mind-bogglingly massive in scale, malleability, and variety.
These spaces are designed to accommodate a variety of work styles: collaboration, solitary work, hardcore strategy sessions, and shared public spaces, for sales and marketing employees who spend most of their time in the field. That space, with soaring ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Charles River, and moveable furniture in spacious rooms, looks more like a brand-new college commons or learning center than a corporate office.
Working with efelle's knowledgeable, innovative, and creative staff made the process easy, enjoyable, and seamless. The efelle design team did an excellent job capturing a unique look and feel for our website. This translates to becoming familiarized with your career desires, salary requirements and sales acumen.
Kids out of college flocked to the company for its stock options, informal dress policy, free soft drinks, and the opportunity to work in relaxed private offices instead of the adult world’s standard-issue dreary cubicles. The five-floor, 85,000-square-foot office contains four basic work spaces: open workstations, cafe zones, long communal dining tables, and random tables and chairs. And it’s no longer a Pacific Northwest software company employing 12,000, most of whom were male computer geeks.

Contemporary employees prefer flexible work styles, face-to-face collaboration, and the ability to customize and recustomize their work spaces. The building is replete with both large collaborative spaces and smaller (and darker) rooms furnished with couches, easy chairs, and large, wall-mounted screens.
The CMS module made managing the website content easier for the experienced and the novice website manager.
Sara has worked in email and social marketing for the past couple of years, and brings to the table her skills in the development of marketing collateral, SEO, email marketing and design, social media best practices,blogging and customer service. It’s now a global enterprise with a diverse product line and 127,000 employees and contractors of all stripes, working in 678 sites totaling 34 million square feet of office space in 107 countries. So the challenge became one of providing malleable space and furnishings in rooms that felt like home to the various personality types paid to inhabit them. With a passion for keeping up with the latest marketing trends and technologies, Sara spends the majority of her time on social media outlets and reading tech and design blogs. The stodgy adult Microsoft has ceded cachet to such industry adolescents as Google, Amazon, the reinvented Apple, and countless other younger companies known for state-of-the-art workplaces that disdain the dreary private office that was once Microsoft’s pride and joy.

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