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Average Career Service Advisor salaries for job postings in Phoenix, AZ are 16% lower than average Career Service Advisor salaries for job postings nationwide. Planning: Good business people are excellent at strategy, foreseeing the future, and budgeting. Service industry saw gross employment loss substantially lower than gross employment gain, at about a 600,000 difference.
This data shows that business providing service rather than goods might be a safer bet when it comes to entering the business world. Providing the service of financial analysis, planning, investment counseling, and things of this nature are often very profitable, but also very competitive.
Remember, in 2008, the average earnings for a young adult holding a masters degree was over $55,000 annually, a bachelor’s degree was over $46,000 annually. As already mentioned, there are almost endless career choices available in the business industry that require different types of educational training.

Financial Planner: prepare financial plans in the form of insurance and risk management plans, tax planning, cash flow, investments and more.
Program Administrator: Responsible for planning and implementing community programs and overseeing all program functions. Research Executive: perform quantitative and qualitative research to determine public opinions on products, services, public programs, policies and more then evaluate and report. The image above shows the salary of graduates with a Master of Public Administration in a list of public service jobs and private sector careers.
To learn more about the career opportunities available to those with a Master of Public Administration from Notre Dame de Namur University, call 855-275-1088 to speak with an admissions advisor, or you can request more information. Although some students go directly from their undergraduate degree to an MBA program, many schools require students to have 2-3 years of work experience before entering an advanced degree program for business. Below is a list of a few of the more common career types and the type of educational degree or training required to become employed in that career type.

Usable returns were received from 3,682 respondents for an overall response rate of approximately 32.23%. That is why business executives need analysts to make the best decisions about where to spend money and when, they need accountants for precise financial accuracy, they need purchasers and sellers, and they need intelligent leadership to make sure each part of the business machine is working efficiently. And earning an MBA will open you up to better, higher-paying business opportunities for the rest of your career. For those holding a high school diploma, it was only $23,500 annually, according to the U.S. Our concentrations give you the skills to advance in your career and allow you the flexibility to continue in your current career while preparing for your next.

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