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Sainsbury's today announces that it will create up to 14,100 seasonal jobs to meet the high demand from customers over the busy Christmas and New Year period. Sainsbury’s has made 2,336 jobs permanent following the recruitment of 20,000 extra seasonal colleagues over Christmas. A typical supermarket has jobs available across 35 different positions, ranging from deputy managers to team leaders, category assistants, online managers and customer service advisors.

These new jobs are part of Sainsbury's wider plans to recruit 3,500 new colleagues by March 2011 to meet the demands of its ambitious store opening and expansion programme. People can also apply to be a counter specialist, and attend a City and Guilds accredited course at one of Sainsbury’s seven food colleges. He said: "Getting the permanent position with Sainsbury’s gives me the job security I’ve been looking for.

But as our internet shoppers' only experience of Sainsbury's will be you, your customer service skills will be just as important!

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