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Retailers are looking to see what and how you will contribute to their sales team, so numbers help prove your skills. If there are areas of the job function that you do not yet have experience in then highlight what skills you have that will facilitate learning and succeeding in these tasks.
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At my old part-time retail job, managers used to send emails to other stores in the district whenever someone had a big sale. Emphasize what qualifies you for this particular job and how you can add value to the job and company. Give examples of how you have been able to meet the demands of a typical retail schedule in the past.
Avoid generalizations such as "I enjoy people", rather say something along the lines of:"I enjoy talking to the customer and finding out exactly what they are looking for.

Base your answer to this retail job interview question on what you have learned about the company from your pre-interview research. She is studying for her Master's of Journalism at Ryerson University and looks forward to a career in business journalism.

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