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Average Food Marketing Assistant salaries for job postings in Robinson Township, PA are 13% lower than average Food Marketing Assistant salaries for job postings nationwide.
But the revolution in food and agriculture was perhaps the most important to the family budget. As late as the 1850s, the typical British family spent 80% of its income on food, Bill Bryson wrote in his entertaining domestic history At Home.
For example, secretaries and administrative assistants are already being complemented or replaced by simple office organization software, and Walmart and Amazon pose a mortal threat to many classic retail jobs, even before you account for Kiva robots patrolling warehouse floors around the country.To be fair, this is an article about the future, which, as a rule, is unknowable. Ten years ago, the BLS whiffed on its ten-year projections by 13 million jobs, since it failed to predict the mining boom, the publishing apocalypse, and the Great Recession.

State and local government austerity -- soon to be joined, perhaps, by federal government austerity -- has kept monthly job creation a little lower, around 160,000 jobs per month. Zooming in, you can see that this month (the far right bar) was one of the best months yet for private sector jobs, but not the best.
Today we spend as much on home-cooked food as we do on home-used utilities (see the graph below). If the numbers hold up -- big if, you might say, but I'm just going off today's stats -- it will be the single best month for construction jobs added since March of 2007 and the third best month since 2006!
A retail recovery is nice to have, a food services recovery is nothing to sneeze at, but when housing comes back, a recovery starts to really look like a recovery.It's happening.

Even if you shake off this jobs report, the Credit Suisse monthly housing survey uncovered "unprecedented breadth of strength in both pricing and traffic at start of spring selling season." Unprecedented.

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