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We are excited to provide a whole new way to help job seekers find the perfect job, and look forward to providing the world’s best resume search experience. Conducting adequate keyword research during your job hunt is key to ensuring your resume is read by employers.
Identifying the right keywords employers are looking for is the most crucial step in creating your resume. Indeed indexes a huge number of jobs online, aggregating job postings from employers and job boards alike. We can see from the results that the percentage of job postings that contain online marketing is currently on par with those that have digital marketing. To get a better gauge of what the job market looks like, run a search on Indeed using the ‘With the exact phrase’ field under advanced search.
We can use Indeed’s resume search to find out what professionals in your space are calling themselves.

Going back to the advanced job search, enter HTML5 in the ‘With all of these words’ field and one of the job titles above in the ‘With the exact phrase’ field.
The ultimate app for sourcing and recruiting, Indeed Resume Search allows you to search, screen, and quickly contact resumes from around the world.
For seven years, our focus has been providing the world’s best job search experience. Search is simple and intuitive, making it the right tool for both small employers and Fortune 500 recruiters.
At this stage, if you haven’t used the appropriate keywords, the chances of your resume making it in front of a hiring manager dramatically decrease. It is only by understanding their search behaviour and the language they use to look for candidates can you make your resume more visible and increase your chances of getting found on the system. Taking the growing popularity of the keyword over the last few years and the number of jobs advertised, it would be reasonable to conclude that employers will use the keyword digital marketing as they search for potential employees.

Using the search term HTML5 we can see that the most popular job titles among your peers are web developer, software engineer, software developer, senior software engineer and web designer. In most cases, recruiters will use a combination of skills and job titles to narrow down their candidate pool while searching for people on databases.
At the end of the day, stuffing your resume with keywords might get you past the ATS but it will still end up in the NO-pile if the contents do not make sense to a hiring manager.
Since recruiters spend such a short amount of time looking at resumes, you need to make sure that you catch their attention by using job titles with the closest match to their requirements.

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