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It is uncommon now for a business person not to have heard of the importance of using social media in marketing their company. In a nutshell, social media are those social networking sites where individuals congregate to connect with friends and family; sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the newest addition, Pinterest, to name just a few. If you enjoyed this article, please click on the Social links below and “Share the Knowledge”. Subscribe to get weekly restaurant resources right in your inbox and receive your FREE bonus ebook. From their first encounter with your restaurant (Yelp or social media) to their last interaction with your restaurant (signing for the bill on a tablet), technology is there every step of the way. According to the infographic below by Industville, 55% of people believe technology plays a pivotal role in the restaurant experience.
Restaurant technology can help your restaurant win new customers through social media, and keep repeat customers through restaurant loyalty programs.
Many restaurants don't realize that most of their potential customers are willing to hear their messages on Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram.
Continuing the trend of staggering statistics, 29% of diners read restaurant reviews first when choosing a restaurant to visit. Finally, customer-facing POS tablets are a great way to use restaurant technology in your restaurant.

Restaurant management software and social media marketing are big trends in the restaurant indsutry. The purpose of this blog is to provide interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking articles that help you to keep up with the latest foodservice trends and restaurant management resources.
We offer a complete E-Marketing solution that includes a customized website and the supporting marketing tools such as Social Media Integration, E-mail Campaigns, Event Marketing, On-line Gift Certificates and much more. Alltop - top social media news, All the social media news and headlines from across the web..
Social media optimization tools - online marketing blog, Plenty of bloggers are talking about the inevitable intersection of social media marketing and search engine optimization.
Best Social media restaurants - social media explorer Reviews and Bonus Online, Social media for restos! Purchase Social media strategy - a definitive guide Online with Discount - It’s a debate that’s more common than you might think. Buy Social media optimization tools - online marketing blog Offers Guaranteed, Plenty of bloggers are talking about the inevitable intersection of social media marketing and search engine optimization. In fact, customers want to see your mouth-watering food, your upcoming specials, and your awesome restaurant design online beforehand. But restaurants who blog, sharing their journey, their recipes, and their upcoming events, are building a valuable customer base.

Restaurant loyalty programs are a great way to capitalize on these customers, especially when joining is as easy as entering your email address as you pay for your meal. When she's not managing the Toast Restaurant Management blog and creating valuable resources for restaurateurs, she's belting in an a cappella group and toiling over new recipes in the kitchen.
Above all remember that social media requires patience, insight, some skill, and a clear understanding of your goals and of your audience. Make sure your restaurant is visible on these review sites, but don't stress about them too much! You can establish air-tight wifi for your restaurant operations, while offering a public wifi for your guests, a commodity that many people look for. Reviews and Bonus Online, The ultimate police resource for social media for cops news, expert analysis, and videos from the law enforcement community..

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